10 tips on how to curb your drinking at Christmas and beyond

10 tips on how to curb your drinking at Christmas and beyond

Annie Grace offers advice from her own experience on how to curb your drinking at Christmas and after the season is over.

How To Curb Your Drinking

“I remember my son came over to me and I asked him to sit on my lap and he said, ‘No mum, you smell bad and your teeth are purple’. It was very clearly because of the wine I’d been drinking. It really affected me. I didn’t hit the proverbial rock bottom but when I think of tragic moments, that was certainly one of them.”

She tried to cut back on drinking but found herself drinking more. Setting strict rules and limits for herself didn’t work. As her mindset shifted, she realised she wanted to drink less. It took three years for her to stop completely in December 2014.

During this time, she set out to understand why she was in control in every other area of her life. Through research she learned about alcohol, the brain and body, which resulted in her book This Naked Mind.

It examines how the unconscious mind has been conditioned about the benefits of alcohol, how alcohol is the only drug you have to justify not taking and how not drinking is seen as being boring.

She explores the reasons people drink and offers ways to find freedom and discover happiness without alcohol.

Today, at 42, Grace is in a very different place, working full time running a freedom from alcohol movement, offering people strategies to cut back on or give up alcohol altogether.

She suggests the following strategies for anyone who wants to cut down their drinking over the festive season.

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