16 Best Happiness Podcasts That’ll Uplift You

16 Best Happiness Podcasts That’ll Uplift You

Grant Rindner brings you the 16 best happiness podcasts to start your day or week off right.

Podcast listening continues to skyrocket, as we’ve all needed something to stay entertained and motivated through a turbulent year. Gritty true crime shows and eye-opening educational listens keep us enthralled. Mental health-centric series are helping people cope with unprecedented stress.

We don’t have to tell you just how difficult staying upbeat through it all can be. It’s why we enlisted author and happiness expert Gretchen Rubin to answer reader questions on the topic. It’s also why the subgenre of podcasts that deal with positivity, creativity, and healthy mental and physical habits, is booming right now.

Seek Joy

Some of these happiness podcasts, like The Science of Happiness and The Gratitude Diaries, teach listeners how to find cheer. Others, like Questlove Supreme and Unqualified, feature hopeful and nourishing interviews, and pods like Who? Weekly offer playful banter that makes fans feel like they’re surrounded by friends.

Whether you’re looking to understand the mental health benefits of minimalist living, the best ways to overcome cognitive roadblocks, or simply to have a hearty laugh and forget about your troubles, one of these happiness podcasts will hopefully help you on your journey to seeking joy.

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14 Best Happiness Podcasts That'll Uplift You

Inspired by a panic attack he suffered while hosting Good Morning America, Dan Harris‘s Ten Percent Happier is a comprehensive look at the myriad of factors that can get in the way of our joy and what to do about them. Harris brings in experts like Jenny Odell to discuss the psychological value of “doing nothing,” Annie Grace to talk frankly about battling addiction, and Adam Grant to muse on why it’s okay to get things wrong.

Ten Percent also places a heavy emphasis on meditation, with regular weekly sessions guided by professionals appearing on the podcast feed.

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