5 ways this new intermittent fasting technique helps you lose weight and keep it off

5 ways this new intermittent fasting technique helps you lose weight and keep it off

Suspicious weight loss supplements, complicated exercise regimens, unrealistic meal plans — it’s all the same. Every diet’s designed to help you lose weight, but… none quite work.

Why? Simple: it all revolves around willpower. All fad diets do.

So when you suddenly reach for that cupcake or slice of pizza after a week of “being good,”… it’s not your fault. It’s inevitable if anything.

That’s why intermittent fasting, DoFasting style, is so enticing. Unlike any other diet programs that rely on you consistently making the right choices every single time, this focuses on eating within a designated window of time. That’s the main thing. Everything else — like eating better food or moving more — is secondary.

calorie counting

1. A diet you can actually stick to — easily.

Forget the weighing, measuring, and counting. Diets are hard enough without all the tedious steps that make it a serious chore.

By taking macros and calories out of the equation, DoFasting can offer one of the most realistic intermittent fasting plans on the market. This is a streamlined weight loss process that prioritizes delicious food, helps you develop set eating times, and transforms you into someone who likes working out.

2. A convenient meal plan that handles all the work for you.

DoFasting was designed with the help of health professionals who have seen it all, from calorie-obsessed junk food addicts to health-crazed picky eaters.

That’s why they’ve done the leg work for you. They’ve identified what balanced meals look like, how to mix and match ingredients for tasty recipes, and when to eat so you’re not starving and relying on willpower to get you through a fast.

Flexible fasting

3. Flexible fasting that suits your schedule.

Alternate-day fasting isn’t for everyone. Some people thrive on overnight fasting since they can sleep through most of it. Assuming you sleep for 8 hours and don’t eat an early breakfast, you technically already follow a 10:14 intermittent fasting routine by default.

Still, most experienced people with properly balanced diets like to challenge themselves with 12:12, 16:8, or 18:4 routines and have an eating window of 4-12 hours a day.

Whichever fasting routine you choose, DoFasting guides you through it and helps you transition to another schedule if it doesn’t work out. You’re never alone on your weight loss journey.


4. A real, easy solution for those pesky cravings.

The real reason all those fad diets have failed? They tell you to track food, but they don’t tell you what to eat or when to eat it. Most of them ask you to limit a macronutrient, like carbs, and then leave you alone to your own devices. That’s why you always end up craving something salty or sweet later — you’re not giving your body what it needs to thrive.

But that’s not a problem with DoFasting. After you designate a fasting schedule that suits your routine, we’ll give you a meal plan that includes all the whole grains, fruit, vegetables, and quality protein your body needs to keep feeling full throughout the day.

5. Stay in a deficit without having to think about it.

Other weight loss programs have you meticulously track everything, so you remain in a deficit. Maybe count calories, or carbs, for instance. But the more you think about stuff like that, the harder it all becomes. Soon, number-tracking takes over your life. And what happens next is basically inevitable — you break those harsh restriction rules, and self-sabotage.

With DoFasting, that’s not a problem. As long as you’re eating healthy food during a designated timeframe, you’re all set. Simple, easy, and effective.

Don’t obsess over calories and macros…

Let intermittent fasting do the heavy lifting.


It’s true — dieting gets a bad rep because it doesn’t work for most people. Anyone can go two or even five days being “good,” but binge eating is inevitable unless you take care of some core issues.

For starters, without filling, nutritious food, you’re bound to get hungry sooner than later. This leads to cravings, binge eating, and weight gain.

On the other hand, eating at all times of the day or night never gives your body a much-needed break to absorb nutrients and vitamins from food. Fasting balances your hormones, lowers insulin resistance, reduces inflammation, and even fends off heart and brain diseases like Alzheimer’s.

As soon as I started DoFasting, I realized this was something I could actually do. I wasn’t counting anything at all. I was just eating well, and laying off the food after my designated eating window.

Suddenly, I was prioritizing balanced meals, rather than counting calories. I was exercising in a way that felt truly fun for me, and I stuck to it. For the first time, I was losing the weight I’d never thought I’d lose — without the crazy fluctuating numbers on the scale.

Ready to live your own success story?

Learn how to make smart food choices, fight hunger pangs, and beat the cravings with DoFasting. Designed to help you achieve and maintain your target weight, this flexible fasting program fits you and your individual needs, not the other way around.

Featuring full-guidance, 24/7 support, and tons of quick and easy recipes to choose from, DoFasting is the program you wish you’d found ten years ago.

Take our quick 60-second quiz now to discover which fasting schedule best suits your body — your results might surprise you!

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