8 natural pain killers from your kitchen

8 natural pain killers from your kitchen

8 natural painkillers from your kitchen

We all use painkillers at some point in our lives…

Many people either use over-the-counter medication or prescription medication regularly… The problem is that regular use of these legal drugs can lead to liver failure, damage to the intestines, high blood pressure, and other health conditions.

Did you know that there are ways to ease the pain without those side effects?

Yes, there are natural alternatives for pain killers!

You can reduce your pain and inflammation with natural painkillers… and you probably already have them in your kitchen!

8 Natural Pain killers from your Your Kitchen

1. Turmeric 

Turmeric is known to be a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It is often used as a cure for almost all conditions!

It’s actually the nutrient curcumin found in turmeric that is a natural painkiller.

Curcumin is used to treat burn pains instead of conventional medicines. 

It also helps conditions like ulcerative colitis, diabetic neuropathy, lupus, wounds, and many more.

2. Cloves

Cloves are the flower buds that come from the clove tree, an evergreen tree also known as “Syzygium aromaticum”.

In Ayurvedic medicine (an ancient form of medicine), cloves are used to improve digestion and to relieve toothaches.

For toothache relief, add a few drops of clove oil on a cotton swab and apply on the area where you have pain.

3. Ginger

One of the main benefits of ginger is its anti-inflammatory effect. Its active ingredient, gingerol, has a direct effect on your pain receptors and can ease your pain.

Ginger is also a powerful anti-nausea often used during pregnancy.

Add ginger to freshly pressed juices or enjoy it as a tea. Peel and slice 1 knob of ginger and boil it in water for 10 minutes.

4. Garlic 

You probably know garlic as a powerful antifungal and antibiotic…

But garlic is also rich in sulfur, which helps fight inflammation and reduces the pain in conditions like arthritis.

5. Pineapple

Pineapple can relieve symptoms like bloating after eating. It’s the enzyme bromelain in pineapple that helps reduce the feeling of being heavy and bloated…

It can also help with arthritis and other types of joint pain. 

Bromelain is great to prevent inflammation and improve your circulation.

6. Valerian root

Drinking a cup of Valerian root can help for stress and anxiety relief.

It can also help to relieve your menstrual cramps and body aches.

Valerian root can help eliminate muscle spasms and act as a muscle relaxer.

7. Cherries

Cherries are rich in anthocyanins, a type of flavonoid with antioxidant effects. It’s that pigments that give rich coloring to red, purple, and blue plants.

Anthocyanins are known to reduce inflammation in the body. Many athletes take tart cherry juice to reduce their pain.

Studies have shown that tart cherry can reduce muscle damage from inflammation among runners.

8. Essential oils 

Essential oils such as chamomile, lavender or sage are all great natural painkillers. They can help relieve you from muscle pain.

Just a whiff of those oils may relax you and relieve all kinds of aches. Use them to complement the other natural therapies that I mentioned above.

So next time you’re tempted to pop a pill for quick pain relief, make sure to try these natural painkillers first.

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