Alcohol ls A Depressant

Alcohol ls A Depressant

What we put in our body affects how we feel.

How we feel affects, and quite frankly is, our state of being aka consciousness, which is essentially our vibration.

So, when we consume things that ultimately make us feel bad, we lower our state of being and when we lower our state, this lowers our vibration.

It sounds woo-woo when you first hear it, but it actually makes a ton of sense.

For example, let’s look at alcohol.

Alcohol Is A Depressant 

Ethanol is a psychoactive drug that affects the central nervous system causing us to slow down. This is why we are impaired and “under the influence” from consuming it. This is also why alcohol is tricky because people often get hooked on it thinking it helps them relax, which may be true initially, but that relaxation is simply depression in disguise. 

Alcohol Depresses The Brain

It’s important to know what really happens to your brain when you drink. The reason it slows down our motor functions is because alcohol binds to receptors in the brain for gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA), which is a neurotransmitter responsible for producing feelings of calmness & sedation. Alcohol also inhibits glutamate, causing memory loss & other impaired brain functionality.

In addition, alcohol releases dopamine – the neurotransmitter chemical responsible for pleasure. This causes people to drink more in an attempt to increase those “feel good feelings” dopamine produces.

As more alcohol is consumed, more depressant effects start to take place in the brain and body. As a person continues drinking & more alcohol enters the system, it impairs our judgment, vision, and alertness while dampening our senses, which affects our awareness resulting in slower reaction time and lessened concentration.

Alcohol Feeds The Depressive Loop

These are the depressive effects *while* drinking, but there are depressive effects AFTER drinking also, which is why people feel anxiety, fear, guilt, shame, fear & low energy shortly after consuming alcohol.

These feelings are lower vibrational feelings and lower states of consciousness, which often become self-perpetuating because we get in a vicious cycle of wanting to make them go away & thinking alcohol does that trick, when actually it feeds the depressive loop.

When you begin to understand this, alcohol will have less appeal because as your perspective shifts, you will inherently know it brings you down, hence being medically classified as a depressant.

Alcohol Affects Your State Of Consciousness

If you’re vibing at a state of consciousness such as joy and you drink, it effectively lowers you to an anxious state shortly after & you are 100% going to feel the difference. 

That’s why “celebrating” with alcohol is so silly because it brings you out of the state of excitement & into the state of lower fear-level thoughts. 

Excitement is on the higher end of the emotional spectrum while fear is at the bottom of the spectrum. So, in effect you take yourself out of the most desired state of JOY and into a less desirable state of varied fear-based emotions.

On the flip side, if you feel sad or anxious and you drink to “relieve” those feelings, you are actually just feeding them.

Alcohol Is NOT The Answer To Wanting To Feeling Better

If you want to FEEL better you have to move away from low vibrational consumption, whether it be food, substances, media or people. 

Change what you consume and you’ll change how you feel. 

When you feel good, you will naturally think better thoughts also. 

When you think better thoughts, you choose better actions.

The next layer is when you change how you feel, you’ll change what you attract. But that’s a post for another time.

If you’re stuck in the depressive loop in any way with alcohol – you know the whole feeling down –> drink to make it better –> only to feel worse –> and do it all again, I’d love to speak with you.

The past few weeks my calendar has been completely full, but I’ve re-opened it this week to speak to people who want to radically change their relationship with alcohol over the next couple months without going to AA, calling themselves an alcoholic or feeling like they are missing out.

There’s no charge for this & it’s totally free. My only requirement is that you are ultra committed to creating a life you don’t want to escape anymore.

If you’re tired of knowing you were made for more, but living inside an insane version of groundhog day where you wake up saying “I’m never drinking again,” only to find yourself having another drink & feeling the shame of it – & you’re ready for real & lasting change, then I’m making the time to show you how it’s done.

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