Alcohol Use: One Woman’s Story

Alcohol Use: One Woman’s Story

Among older adults, overuse of alcohol is a mostly hidden story. For instance, National Drug and Alcohol Awareness Week (March 22-28 in 2021) is aimed at teens. However, research suggests that one-third of older drinkers develop dependency later in life. And that was before Covid-related stress and isolation.

How much drinking is too much? What can we do about it? One of our contributors had a frank (and anonymous) discussion with one older woman about her issues with alcohol – developed late in life – and how she addressed them; this story is verbatim, as told to May Linton:

Overuse of Alcohol

“Somehow, I had stumbled across website. Annie Grace, the creator, was a daily two-bottles-a-day wine drinker. By researching how the brain works, she developed a neuroscience-based program that, if followed, promises to interrupt one’s habits around alcohol.

“I had been reading Grace’s emails for almost two years. I signed up for Grace’s 30 Days Alcohol Experiment. Combatting the message of alcohol use through advertising, socializing and habits surrounding it. I paid $47 but didn’t have to: There’s a free version (

“A first assignment: Write two lists: Things I liked and things I didn’t like about drinking. I came up with only two things that I liked – the buzz and convivial socializing – and more than ten things I didn’t like. Eye-opening!

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