An Age-Old Technique to Lose Weight A lot of people are trying too hard to lose weight.

An Age-Old Technique to Lose Weight A lot of people are trying too hard to lose weight.

Counting calories. Going to the gym. Trying to meet their macros. It’s all too much. And much of it is ineffective.

The truth is people can lose weight, a lot of weight, by doing less.

A lot less than they are currently doing.

That was true for engineer Will Crews from Detroit, Michigan.

Will found a way to not only lose inches from his waistline but also reduce the stress in his life:

“For years I had tried to lose weight, look better and feel healthier. But it was exhausting. I carried my water bottle around with me and I tried to sip throughout the day. I had to stop every 2-3 hours to eat 5 small meals a day. I had to track everything I ate in my food journal.”

Will Crews

“After work, I went to the gym. On the way home from the gym I stopped by the store to buy more food. I bought fresh food but it always went bad and I had to throw it out—I never got around to eating it. In the evening I had to wash all my food containers. Then prep my meals for the next day and lay out all of my vitamins. I tried to get a pre-bed snack in before going to bed. Forget about getting eight hours of sleep in.”

All this effort wasn’t sustainable for Will. And more importantly, it wasn’t working.

Luckily, Will found a way to simplify his health regimen: “I read about intermittent fasting online. I saw lots of people get great results from it.”

Will experimented with fasting on his own first, using the info he found online:

“I didn’t know what I was doing. I was constantly hungry. I had low energy. During my eating window, I ate too much and I ate the wrong foods. I made every mistake a beginner could make.”

It wasn’t until Will discovered DoFasting that his life changed

DoFasting is a mobile application that gives people a custom IF (intermittent fasting) plan and a personal coach to help them put it into action.

“The app helped me see which type of fasting was best for me.”

Will lost 12lbs in the first 4 weeks: “It would have been more but I gained some muscle too.”

All without a gym membership: “The app showed me some simple workouts I could do at home—just using my body weight. So I canceled my gym membership. I saved money on that and I saved money on food too.”

Between the low-friction eating style and home workouts, Will is getting to bed earlier and sleeping better: “Before I used to sleep poorly because my body was digesting food instead of resting. And when I tried IF on my own I was going to bed hungry.”

The weight of his body was a bonus. But the biggest thing Will felt was the weight of his mind:

“My life is less complicated now. I’m not constantly thinking about food. I’m not shopping, prepping, cooking, and washing dishes all the time. I’m not driving back and forth to the gym every day. I eat breakfast and then I forget about food for the rest of the day. I eat again at 5:30 when I get home.”

Not obsessing about food has increased Will’s productivity:

“At work, I don’t have to stop to eat. I don’t take breaks—I work straight through. I get so much more done. My boss has noticed, too.”

DoFasting gives Will the option to be flexible. To go with the flow and eat whenever his body says it’s time: “If I’m in a rush in the morning, or if I’m not feeling hungry, I skip breakfast. I then have lunch and dinner. My natural hunger signals are back. My DoFasting coach said to me ‘You’re not a calculator. You’re a human being. So listen to your body.’”

“Doing IF and using DoFasting has been liberating. I hardly think about food now. I just eat and then I can forget about it for the rest of the day. I can focus on work, family, or hanging out with friends. I got my life back.”

DoFasting provides a meal database of food options You can also track your weight and see your progress. This gives you the motivation you need to stick with the plan and knowing for certain you will hit your goals.

The first step to getting started with DoFasting is to complete the 60-second quiz on their website.

DoFasting’s experienced nutritionists and weight loss coaches take the quiz answers and send you a personalized fasting plan within 2 hours.

Update: 2 months later and Will’s body composition continues to improve: “My weight is constant because I’m losing body fat but gaining muscle. The app has made fasting a lifestyle. I’m always wary of crash diets You can achieve so much when you do a little bit every day and stick with it for the long term.”

Will Crews

DoFasting is offering a time-limited 75% discount. Simply click on the link below, complete the 60-second quiz and take advantage of the discount.

Intermittent fasting doesn’t need to be complicated. Weight loss doesn’t need to be hard. Take the first step today.

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