Celebrating Without Wine – Cora’s Naked Life

Celebrating Without Wine – Cora’s Naked Life

The idea of celebrating without wine seemed ludicrous to Cora. Yet, the idea of continuing to drink like she had been also seemed ludicrous. This Naked Mind allowed Cora to start celebrating an alcohol-free life.

Celebrating Without Wine

What’s a celebration without wine?

New Year’s Eve, 2018, Hubs and I decided to have a quiet celebration with a lovely dinner out at our favorite bistro. Knowing the special offering was beef wellington, our friend the sommelier suggested a Bordeaux. With wine in hand, we boarded our Lyft in anticipation of a great night downtown.

Our friend was so right; the pairing was exquisite. We laughed, caught each other’s eyes in a way that is a rare experience for long, familiar couples. After dinner we treated ourselves to a glass of port with the chocolate lava dessert – Heaven!

No longer celebrating

Once at home, feeling the happy warm buzz, we decided to continue the celebration with another bottle of red. Which red? Who knew? Quality didn’t matter, only extending the warm pleasure of the night. Pleasure.

I no longer had a fuzzy buzz but noticed my mouth tripping and slurring. He started to dive into melancholy: how come we never, remember when we used to, do you still love me, have we lost it…I quickly became disinterested, lonely and desperate for him to shut up and go to bed. This recognizable minefield eroded our mood, if not our relationship.

An endless cycle

Morning deja vu, self-loathing, questioning marital stability, why did we have that second bottle, why can’t I stop, what is wrong with me, everything is wrong with me. I’ve been here many times before; wait it out until 2 p.m. when the feeling will pass, the headache, the anger, the disgust. But something was different.

Dry January, Wet February

Dry January. Over the last decade, I’ve successfully met the challenge, glad to conquer my poor willpower and lack of resistance to urges. Knowing my historic pattern and the February rebound effect, I enlisted support from DayBreak, an online anonymous message board for those working to change their relationships with alcohol.

There was a high that first week, accomplishment in overcoming physical urges. But the second week had me in puddles, emotionally labile, head in the past, mistakes, embarrassments, picking at the scab of my ineptitude to drink like a normal person. A DayBreak member suggested This Naked Mind. I traipsed down to Copperfield’s and ordered, skeptical that it would impart new tools.

Discovering This Naked Mind

It seems cliché to state that This Naked Mind was life-changing, but it was. A switch flipped, like Neo taking the red pill, there was no going back or unlearning the uncomfortable fact that I’d been duped. It was simple really. There was no magical phrase, nor mystic witticism that moved me, rather a quiet revealing that I am a dollar sign, nothing more than a consumer to the alcohol industry, and how my dependence and the illusion of pleasure, keep the fat-cats’ pockets full. My misery, their riches.

Start reading

Are you curious about celebrating without wine? Start reading the book that changed everything for Cora for free right now.

Celebrating without wine

No more. It’s not about my will power, my moral fiber, commitment, and control, but about knowing, with confidence, that alcohol twists my thinking exactly as it is meant to. And I no longer care to feed the unending greed of the alcohol industry. Thank you, Annie Grace and This Naked Mind.

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