Christy Celebrating 100LB WEIGHT LOSS!

Christy Celebrating 100LB WEIGHT LOSS!

We’ve got some pretty incredible members in our FASTer Way community.

This week, we want to highlight one of our members, Christy Martin, who just celebrated a HUGE milestone in her journey. 🎉 Let’s show her some love because…

Christy is celebrating 100 lbs lost in the FASTer Way!!

Christy’s FASTer Way journey began in April of 2019, and a little over a year later, we are here to congratulate and celebrate her on this exciting milestone.

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Here’s her story:

“Y’all know I’m all about the non-scale victories! They are where realistic, tangible, experiential changes are at and they are what I focus on! BUT today I am going to celebrate a scale victory! Today I celebrate a milestone of having lost 100lbs! (Gosh, that’s surreal to say!)

I started @fasterwaytofatloss in April 2019. My starting point was a rough one—exhausted, zero energy, so terribly uncomfortable in my body, didn’t recognize myself in the mirror anymore, elevated blood pressure, elevated thyroid antibodies. I was just plain, ol’ MISERABLE.


I needed help. And I asked for it. I got MORE than I could have imagined! (Isn’t that just like our kind God?) My inner changes are what fuel and sustain my outer changes. My understanding and perspective on my health and nutrition, on fat loss and muscle gain, has been radically re-adjusted.

I know how to fuel my body best, and I keep learning as I go.

I focus on my gains over my losses.

I aim to maintain consistency, not perfection.

I don’t let guilt or shame be the boss of me.

I keep asking for help when I need it. (I just called my own coach for help on Monday!)

What I also know is that I likely lost 100lbs of fat a few months back. But my muscle gains are part of the story too. And the scale doesn’t differentiate between fat loss and muscle gain. I’ve said this so many times over the past 16 months because it helps me stay focused and patient in the process: I AM IN THIS FOR THE LONG HAUL. And I will STAY in this for the long haul cause I still want to see more change!

For all those who’ve walked with me, worked out with me, listened to me, cheered me on, given me wisdom, and prayed for me, I celebrate you today!! I wouldn’t be here without YOU!” @christycoachandmore

We are SO proud of Christy! You story is truly inspiring and encouraging so many others to take action on their health.

Maybe you’re reading this and you feel like this is you. You’re ready to make a change and need the encouragement to get started. Friend, we’d love to take this journey with you. Take the first step and join us for our next round of FASTer Way. There’s no better time to begin re-writing your story than NOW!


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