Does My Teen Need Addiction Treatment?

Does My Teen Need Addiction Treatment?

Teenagers are both a mystery and a marvel. If you have one, you know this. And simply questioning whether teen addiction treatment is something your family needs can be scary in and of itself.

You remember being a teenage and having so much going on at once. Pressures, desires and fears are coming at you from all angles, both inside and out. 

And to parent a teenager is to stand by, watching the triumph and turmoil and wondering how you can best help. If you suspect your teen may also be dealing with addiction, these days may feel especially trying. 

Can we encourage you, above all else, to no longer sit by idly? To instead be willing to face your child’s substance abuse head-on and get them the help they so desperately need through family therapy programs?

And not to worry, fellow parents. We’ll show you how! 

Lay Down Shame and Pick Up Strength

Think back, if you can, to the first days and weeks of your teen’s life, when he was new and fresh and so much more mysterious than he is now. When every cry meant something, but you didn’t know what. 

Did you ever ask for help? Of course, you did. I surely did. I called my mom, my sister, my cousin. I reached out late at night and early in the morning. At times desperate, you see, to be sure that I kept my newborn safe—kept him alive! 

No doubt you love your teen today as much—if not more—than you loved him then. And because you’re here and reading this, I’m also confident that you’re just as committed to keeping him safe and with his feet firmly planted here on Earth. 

So, just as you did then, lay aside any shame you may feel about being unable to solve this adolescent substance abuse problem yourself. And choose strength. After all, that’s what asking for help really represents: strength and courage and resilience.

You show great strength—and love—in getting help for a teen who cannot help himself. 

Taking Action Now is Always Better Than Wishing for Action Later

As parents, we all know this truth: we can do the hard work upfront or spend years playing catch-up later. I’m thinking about work ethic, attitudes, sleep skills and so much more. 

When it comes to teen addiction though, this truth demands our attention. Here’s why: 

  • According to, teens are particularly vulnerable to drugs because their brains are still growing. Meaning they’re more susceptible to brain damage and lasting addiction.
  • For this same reason, research from Recovery Answers discourages parents from waving off teenage drinking as harmless. While young adults may be able to handle a beer or two, the teenage brain simply isn’t ready.
  • Adolescent substance abuse has the potential to cause irreparable harm and set the stage for a lifetime of heartache. Your intervention matters—and the sooner, the better.

Getting Treatment While Your Teen Still Lives at Home Allows You to Heal As a Family

Family therapy means everyone is involved.

You can cope, siblings can heal.

You’ll learn to create the best home environment possible for your teen.

You have another key benefit to helping your teen get treatment now: he lives under your roof, so you can join in the process. After all, the operative word in the phrase “Family Therapy Programs” is family. 

Your involvement as a parent is key to your teen’s success in sobriety. Research shows that when parents participate in teen addiction treatment programs, a teenager’s alcohol and drug use rate goes down! 

Through family therapy, you’ll also benefit in the following ways: 

Believe it or not, each of these factors plays a key role in your own mental health and in the ability of your teenager to kick addiction to the curb for the long haul. 

We all know you want the best for your child. And, thankfully, you don’t have to get there alone. At The Right Step DFW, we’re here to help you and your teen heal together. 

We’ll teach your teen to be empowered and confident without the use of substances. And we’ll work with you on how you can stay involved and help your teen feel safe. 

Our recovery specialists can answer your questions, walk you through the process and even verify your insurance benefits.

All you need to do is call us at 844.675.0964. 

By Stephanie Thomas

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