DoFasting Supplement Review: I Tried It for 30 Days, and This Is What Happened

DoFasting Supplement Review: I Tried It for 30 Days, and This Is What Happened

While thousands of people share exceptional reviews online, nutritionists hail this product as a game-changer in the industry.

DoFasting’s latest line of dietary weight loss supplements has been making waves in the health and wellness industry. It seems that their unique formula can help fight food cravings and shed some extra pounds faster for those following an intermittent fasting lifestyle.

Throughout my 15+ year career as a health and wellness reporter, I’ve cycled through quite a few weight loss supplements that proved to be ineffective at best and unsafe at worst. But the hype surrounding these all-natural and 100% organic supplements piqued my curiosity.

dofasting supplements

So, I decided to order a month’s supply to see if they’d live up to the promise (a little heads up – I’m more than pleasantly surprised). Here’s how it went.

What exactly did I get?

First things first: which supplements should I be taking? I read about so many options, and truth be told, I felt like I could benefit from pretty much all of them.

Luckily, they’ve got a handy little quiz that you can take online to know which combination you can benefit from the most. It only takes a minute to answer a few questions on your fitness goals, hunger patterns, and your desired weight.

I’ve never quite seen anything like that before, and I loved how the quiz allowed me to hone in on my problem areas and then tailored the selection to my specific needs.

In the end, my customized combination came down to:

DoFasting Appetite Suppressant Box – the essential fiber complex that claims to help people pass through their fasting window effortlessly, without food cravings or hunger pangs. Alongside boosting weight loss, it says it can lower bad cholesterol levels, cleanse the colon, and improve your skin health.

DoFasting Appetite Suppressant Box

DoFasting ACV Gummies – apple cider vinegar gummies that also contain probiotics, enzymes, and multiple vitamins. Taking one gummy a day increases the feeling of satiety, benefits your digestive, nervous, and immune system, plus boosts your energy levels.

DoFasting ACV Gummies

Now, it was time to let these babies work their magic.

The most burning question first – did it help me lose weight?

The short answer is yes – I lost an extra 5lb in the 30 days that I used my supplement combo, and now that I’m on my second batch, the pounds keep dropping. But how exactly did it work?

The science behind it is rather simple.

Although intermittent fasting is one of the simplest and most effective eating patterns to follow, the DoFasting R&D team found that more than 60% of dieters still struggle to lose weight due to one major problem – food cravings.

For most people, the intense cravings come late at night, while others cannot pass through their fasting window without a small snack (me for both!). This prevents your body from burning fat and leads to extra weight gain.

No strong cravings or hunger pangs from day 1

I noticed that taking just one sachet from the DoFasting Appetite Suppressant Box in the morning helped me stay satiated right until lunch when my eating window would normally start. It only took 20 minutes to kick in but had a lasting effect, which I found quite impressive.

Since I wasn’t all that hungry, I could avoid snacking throughout the early part of the day – I even managed to extend my fast by a couple of hours without any discomfort.

The best thing about the DoFasting box is that it doesn’t break your fast – I actually found out that there’s no such alternative elsewhere on the market.

If I had snacky cravings during my eating window, I simply went for the DoFasting apple cider gummies – one or two was usually enough. But you can take up to 6 per day if hunger manages to catch up. The apple cider gummies can only be taken during your eating window, though. Otherwise, they’ll break your fast.

I was well aware of the health benefits that apple cider vinegar has to offer – powerful weight loss support, enhanced energy, better digestion, to name a few – but my taste buds always prevailed.

I was pleasantly surprised with the DoFasting gummies – they taste like candy, without any weird artificial aftertaste. In fact, the gummies are gluten-free, vegan, and without any artificial fillers, which can’t be said about most supplements on the market. So that was a huge bonus as well.

I now look forward to my post-lunch ritual of popping a couple in my mouth.

I found the combination really great – while the DoFasting box kept me satiated without breaking my fasting window, the gummies offered a healthy alternative to keep me full during my eating window, so I didn’t snack as much and ended up successfully losing weight.

I lost 5 extra pounds in 30 days

before after

What I found so exceptional about the DoFasting box and gummies is their ability to boost weight loss results all by relying on a carefully-balanced combo of just 3 essential nutrients: glucomannan, cellulose, and apple cider vinegar.

Together, they act as powerful natural fat-burners.

  • Glucomannan is a water-soluble dietary fiber that promotes the feeling of satiety and also reduces food intake at your next meal, refocusing your body on burning fat faster.
  • Cellulose is a fully ecological dietary fiber that improves your gut health and digestive system, which in turn speeds up the fat-burning process and revs up weight loss.
  • The acetic acid present in apple cider vinegar is known to reduce belly fat and suppress your body’s fat build-up. It also acts as an appetite suppressant, allowing you to stay satiated throughout your eating window, avoid unhealthy snacking, and lose more weight safely in less time.

Would I recommend trying them? Yes!

Overall, I’m more than pleasantly surprised with the results I’ve seen so far. My DoFasting supplement combo has definitely helped me control my appetite and reduce cravings that I battled with for years.

As a result, I’ve been able to fast effortlessly and even extend it for longer periods of time.

I also feel a lot more energetic throughout the day, and I’ve even noticed a nice glow in my skin – a nice additional touch.

For those looking to shed extra pounds and make their fasting routines easier, I’d definitely recommend giving DoFasting supplements a try.

Did I experience any side effects?

I personally didn’t experience any, which was a huge relief given the dizziness, light-headedness, and other symptoms I always got from other weight loss supplements. Since the ones from DoFasting are all-natural, side effects are extremely uncommon in general.

There are also specific instructions on how much, how often, or when you should take them. As long as you stick to the recommended amount, you shouldn’t encounter any side effects.

Could you reach your goals faster with just one quiz?

There’s no shortage of weight loss supplements on the market, but most fail to live up to their promise.

But what I’ve come to realize after trying DoFasting’s natural supplement alternative is that there’s one crucial thing that sets them apart from the others – they’re custom-fitted to your needs and goals.

You just tell them a little about yourself – where you are in your fasting journey, your hunger patterns, age, and your goal weight.

Then they pick the best weight loss supplement combo so you can reach your goals faster and easier. And it only takes a minute.

No more food cravings. No more hunger pangs or discomfort while fasting.

Life is hard as it is. So, if you’ve been struggling with any of that or want to give your weight loss journey a boost, you owe it to yourself to give DoFasting’s free quiz a try.

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