DoFasting Update: 20 Totally Unique Diets to Choose From!

DoFasting Update: 20 Totally Unique Diets to Choose From!

The new DoFasting update makes sure there’s now something for every flavor of faster.

People are different, and there are billions of us, all different in our own way. There are almost as many diets out there too. 

Everyone has their ethics, conditions, and preferences, and we wanted everyone to feel that their tastes were valued and included. We just added 20 different diets to our app, so now you can sort your recipes by dietary requirements with almost zero effort.

Regular: Good old-fashioned “eat fewer calories than you burn” diet.

Ketogenic: Low-carb and fat heavy, push your body into fat-burning ketosis.

Low-Fat: Ditch the trans and saturated fats from your life.

Low-FODMAP: No fermentable carbs for those suffering from digestive problems.

Mediterranean: Eat like you’re on Aegean, filled with olive oil, citrus, and dairy.

Vegan: No products derived from animals what-so-ever, 100% cruelty-free.

Diabetes: Filled with foods that won’t spike your blood sugar.

Paleo: Eat like humans did thousands of years ago.

Vegetarian: No meat, just the good stuff.

Low Glycemic Index: Only foods that have a low GI score.

Gluten-Free: No gluten, say goodbye to wheat and cereal grains.

Lacto Vegetarian: Vegetarian with dairy, but no eggs.

Ovo Vegetarian: Vegetarian with eggs, but no dairy.

Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian: Vegetarian with dairy and eggs!

Pescetarian: No meat, but you can eat fish and seafood.

GERD: Diet designed to help those managing acid reflux.

Kidney Disease: Foods hand-picked to support kidney function.

High Cholesterol: Meals centered on lowering high cholesterol.

Gastritis: Non-irritating foods that go easy on the stomach.

Anemia: Filled with foods rich in iron and other necessary minerals

It’s essential to have a well-balanced diet while fasting. Since your meals will be less frequent, the quality of those meals becomes that much more critical. Ensuring you have all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to sustain itself through your fasting periods is key to a safe and successful fast.

DoFasting is home to over +5000 tasty recipes! This in itself is amazing, but now it’s harder than ever to pick the right meal. Users are now able to set a recipe filter by Diet Type, Avoid, and Allergens.

All you have to do is click the Setting icon in the Meals tab of your DoFasting app. There you’ll find dropdowns allowing you to input your food preferences, and you’ll see your recommended Daily Calorie Intake that you can also edit. 

Once you pick your chosen diet, specify your allergies, or add your to-be-avoided foods to the list, DoFasting will only post recipes that fit your needs and meet your criteria.

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