Dopey 295: This Naked Mind with Annie Grace

Dopey 295: This Naked Mind with Annie Grace

Annie Grace makes an appearance on the Dopey Podcast! She dives into her unconventional approach to changing people’s relationships with alcohol.

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Annie Grace on the Dopey Podcast

This week on Dopey! We are joined by podcaster and This Naked Mind author, Annie Grace. Annie tells us about her journey to sobriety, and the thoughts and theories behind her beloved and controversial book This Naked Mind. Learn more about Annie and how to change your relationship with alcohol when you join The ALcohol Experiment!

The Alcohol Experiment

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Dopey is a powerful podcast about personal experiences of substance abuse and addiction. The show is anonymously hosted by Dave, a recovering addict based in New York City. Described as being about “drugs, addiction, and other dumb shit. This podcast isn’t afraid to get real about addiction. Guests have included Drew Pinsky, Margaret Cho, and Jamie Lee Curtis.

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