Drinking and Social Media

Drinking and Social Media

Social media started in the early 2000s and has now eclipsed almost 3 billion users, roughly a third of the world’s population in 2020. Unfortunately, the unprecedented rise of social media has led to a new set of unique problems and controversies, one of which is the relationship between drinking and social media.

Social media can intentionally and unintentionally promote alcohol and its abuse. If social media triggers the urge to abuse alcohol, reach out to the women’s and men’s alcohol rehab program in Texas.

Social media has skyrocketed in popularity over the past decade, definitively changing the world and the ways we connect with friends and family. And of course, social media also represents an effective avenue for meeting new people and making new connections. Finding social circles and hobby groups, airing grievances towards government policy, and rekindling relationships with friends from the past are now much more convenient than ever.

The relationship between drinking and social media can be boiled down to two principal branches: advertising materials and user-generated posts. Alcohol-related materials are found all around the social media space regardless of platform. On the other hand, millions of users post pictures and hashtags online about parties, celebrations, and date nights, which in some way or another, involves alcohol.

Drinking and Social Media

Influence Through Advertising

Industry-leading alcohol corporations are the biggest culprits for alcohol-related content online, particularly on social media. Advertising expenditures have shifted from traditional forms such as newspaper ads and television to making use of the digital space. And this transition seems to be working for the bottom line of these companies.

The drawback of alcohol advertisements is the promotion of the normalcy of alcohol consumption. Taglines such as “drink responsibly” or “only consume alcohol in moderation” no longer serve the intended purpose of preventing abuse, dependency, and addiction. Companies and advertising agencies have become more ingenious, targeting specific sectors of society, such as young adults. We may not know it, but advertising has become a tremendous influence on our lives because we are saturated almost daily with posts and advertising messages.

Celebrities are hired as endorsers of alcohol. Even our favorite TV series and films make use of alcohol to a certain degree. Content creators and social media influencers have also played their part in propagating alcohol consumption. Parties are organized and promoted online, pushing for more opportunities to sell alcoholic beverages.

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Influence Through User-Generated Posts

Whether intended or not, we also promote the normalization of alcohol consumption. Almost all businesses that serve alcohol have caught on with the “happy hour” approach to gaining more customers. Specials and promotions have also been introduced to get customers to purchase more. The best way to find paying people in your area and to boost overall popularity is to post about your pub, restaurant, or bar online.

Individual drinkers also contribute to drinking and social media by posting pictures with friends and family. Interest groups have also been created online where passionate drinkers share their opinions on different brands of alcohol. Memes and viral content can dominate the social media space, portraying some intoxicated individuals in a light-mannered and comedic light.

Take Back Your Life Now

The dangers of alcohol consumption are well-documented and can be found in news articles and literature online. The best way to address the toxic relationship between drinking and social media is by acknowledging that you can be influenced by what you see and hear online. Once you take that first step of calling yourself out, you can then proceed to step away from social media and get substance abuse treatment when needed.

Do not let social media content take control of the way you live your life. Be better and know when it is time to stop and reflect. If you need help dealing with the difficulties of drinking and social media, contact us at The Right Step DFW by calling 1.844.768.1161 for help today.

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