If you’re new around here, you may have a few questions about the FASTer Way and what we’re all about. We get questions all the time like, “Can your workouts be modified” and “Does your plan work for vegetarians?”

The good news is, we saw your questions from our last live training and we’re here to answer them all!

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Here’s what YOU need to know about the FASTer Way program … 


  1. Can your workouts be modified?

    Our FASTer Way LIVE workouts offer low impact modifications for all fitness levels. We have clients who are new to working out, have knee problems or are recovering from an injury and successfully follow along with our low impact modifications. We also show you how to level up your intensity if you want to push yourself even more!

  2. Can I do other workouts instead of the FASTer Way workouts?

    While we recommend following along with our FASTer Way workouts to see maximum results, the FASTer Way nutrition strategies will still be incredibly beneficial with your own workouts. If you choose to follow your own workout routine, your FASTer Way certified coach will help you combine your workouts with our nutrition cycle. 

  3. What equipment do you need to start the program?

While no equipment is required to begin the program, a few staples can be beneficial such as small/medium dumbbells based on your fitness level and resistance bands. The FASTer Way workouts can be easily modified to use the equipment you have. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Our clients also use lots of household items like tubs of laundry detergent, jugs of water, soup cans, and more to help increase the intensity!


  1. Do you have a meal plan?

    Our clients receive a weekly meal guide complete with full recipes and a grocery list. We also offer a vegan meal guide that is vegan/vegetarian friendly. The meal guides can be adjusted to meet your specific dietary restrictions. Allergic to shellfish or don’t like avocados? No problem! Your coach will be able to offer simple swaps to meet your specific needs.

  2. Is there a simpler way to track macros? I get frustrated entering in every bit of food.

    We’ve got lots of great tips and tricks when it comes to efficiently tracking your macronutrients. Check out our recent blog to learn some of our favorite time-saving hacks (including tracking macros!) 

  3. Can I drink protein shakes on the program?

Some clients do enjoy protein shakes to help meet their protein gram goal for the day. However, we suggest our clients only use Vegan protein powders such as Vega, Orgain, and KOS, to limit the number of artificial ingredients your body is processing. 


  1. I’m gluten and dairy-free, can I still do the program?

    Absolutely! In our program, we encourage our clients to go completely gluten and dairy-free as they can trigger an inflammatory response in the body. 

  2. Does this program work if you’re going through menopause?

    Yes! We have many women who are experiencing menopause see incredible results in the FASTer Way. All of the strategies learned in the FASTer Way are applicable to women in various stages of life.

  3. Will this program work for me if I have hormonal issues?

    There are many women in our program who have hormonal issues like Hypothyroidism and PCOS, and they have seen their issues improve through the FASTer Way. The nutrition strategies are incredibly beneficial, in addition to making a few minor adjustments to support your personal health and ensure you are doing what is best for your situation. As always, be sure to consult with your doctor before beginning the program.

  4. Does your program work if I have more than 100 lbs to lose?

    Yes! The FASTer Way is a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that will teach you how to properly fuel your body and burn fat the right way. After your initial six weeks, you’ll move into our VIP membership where you will continue to burn fat, gain lean muscle, increase energy, and feel amazing! It’s in our VIP membership that you’ll truly establish those lasting, sustainable results.

Have other questions about the FASTer Way? We’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to email our team at to get answers to all your questions. You can also reach out to our team on Instagram or Facebook @fasterwaytofatloss

Now that you know how well the FASTer Way works no matter your health circumstance, it’s time to get started on your path to optimal health! Our next round of FASTer Way starts August 24 and we’d love to have you join us. Click the button below to secure your spot today!



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