Free From The Beast – Phil’s Naked Life

Free From The Beast – Phil’s Naked Life

Phil knew he needed to stop drinking. In fact, during lockdown, it was his constant companion. He joined The Alcohol Experiment with his wife intent on only 30 days. Now he’s free from the beast thanks to This Naked Mind and The Alcohol Experiment.

free from the beast

The Dreadful Beast

Back in September 2020 I never thought for one moment that I would be writing to you now regarding my relationship with that dreadful beast that had hold of me!!! Alcohol!!!

I had been drinking too much for more years than I want to say, mostly normal every day drinking, normal that is for anyone who is stupid enough to drink every day!!!

During lockdown I was on two bottles of red wine a day, that was after warming up on a couple of beers before hand. I knew I had to do something about my drinking but, my best intentions every morning of stopping that day went out of the window by 18.00 every evening!!

The Alcohol Experiment

On October 26, I was walking my two dogs with my wife Ruth, she started to tell me about this person called Annie Grace and some sort of alcohol experiment that went on for 30 days! She was talking about this idea about a conscious and subconscious mind talking to each other! I was thinking what a load of bo#####s but I stayed quiet and listened. Well, something told me to look up this Annie Grace and her videos, so I did. I also signed up for the 30-day experiment!! I told Ruth what I had done and she was delighted.

Given that praise I then thought I deserved a large glass of wine, so to Ruth’s dismay that’s what I did!!!

Anyway after two bottles of Merlot I went to bed and as usual I felt SHIT the following morning.

Want To Be Free From The Beast?

Are you looking to be free from the beast just like Phil was?  Join over 180,000 people who are already taking part in the life-changing 30-day experiment. Daily emails and videos, a private community, and more await you. Start The Alcohol Experiment today!

Free From The Beast

This next bit came with quite a surprise to both of us. The following day I started the experiment and gave up alcohol, thinking a 30 days break before Christmas would be a great achievement. I have followed the experiment and no alcohol for the 30 days. Halfway through I started to sleep better than I have for years and started to feel a bit more alive.

I decided to give up alcohol until Christmas Day in which time it will be 60 days AF.

I have now started the 100 days and also downloaded your book which I have read with enthusiasm!!!

I am now on day 55 AF. I have no intention of drinking alcohol ever again thanks to you and all your advice/scientific evidence regarding alcohol. I can’t tell you how pleased I am to feel this good and positive about my new found freedom. My wife is still in a state of complete shock, but, so so pleased.

Reaping The Benefits

I could go on and on and on about my story but wouldn’t want to bore you!!! I have also lost 16 lbs in weight all from around the waist. The downside of that is I have had to buy loads of new trousers and give my too large ones away to a charity shop!!! But with an estimated saving of around £4000.00 per year (that’s what I tell my wife) I can afford it. I am so positive about my life I would be happy to help anyone who needs it. All the best and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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