Giving up alcohol with awareness not just abstinence

Giving up alcohol with awareness not just abstinence

Radio New Zealand talks with Annie Grace about giving up alcohol with awareness and what being a mindful drinker means.

‘Tis the season when so many of us think about our relationship with alcohol. What starts as holiday celebrations can evolve into a full-on boozy summer.

Annie Grace was one of those social drinkers who turned into something she didn’t like. Drinking two bottles of wine every night. She found a way to change her relationship with alcohol, preaching awareness not just abstinence, and has helped thousands of people around the world do the same with her “This Naked Mind” books and podcast.

A Guide To Giving Up Alcohol With Awareness

She has a new book that challenges others to think about the drink. It’s called The Alcohol Experiment Journal: 30 Day Alcohol Free Challenge.

Grace tells Summer Times that she was happy in her career and marriage and was living a good life. Yet alcohol was the one thing that was out of control.

“It wasn’t outwardly out of control, it wasn’t that people were coming up to me and saying things… but in my mind and my heart, I felt like I was drinking way more than I wanted to. I’d set limits on myself like two glasses of wine. Then I’d have four or five and wake up with a hangover the next morning.”

She says there wasn’t one wake up call, but a bunch of small ones instead. She recalls once asking her son to come sit on her lap and he told her she smelled bad and had purple teeth.

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