Healing With This Naked Mind – Geri’s Story

Healing With This Naked Mind – Geri’s Story

Geri found healing with This Naked Mind when it seemed as if nothing else worked. Read her inspiring story!

healing with This Naked Mind

My Story

I have wanted to share my story with you for a long time. I am a 57 year older professional woman and am 16 months sober. For a long time, I questioned my relationship with alcohol. Due to it I made too many bad decisions and had way too many terrible hangovers and lost days. The only time before this (alcohol free life) was when I was pregnant with my 22-year-old son.

Joining The Alcohol Experiment

After the 4th of July weekend 2019, I decided I would stop drinking (to lose the rest of my weight, was my reason). I was recommended by friends to do The Alcohol Experiment, so I did it. It wasn’t “really” a commitment, it was a trial. I did not have to define what my problem was. My commitment would be 60 days and I would go from there. I felt alive, present, and determined. Still able to go to my local hangout and feel good. I started transcendental meditation and was doing great … until school started (I was a school social worker for 30 years).

Healing With This Naked Mind

The stress that hit me during work was overwhelming and even with meditation, I was crying all of the time and an emotional mess. I went to therapy and just couldn’t pull myself together. With my support system, meditation, and dealing with my untreated anxiety disorder I slowly began to heal. I read your book and others and began to reflect on my relationship with alcohol. Healing with This Naked Mind was possible and so therapeutic.

My friends (some very supportive) did not really understand or believe I had a problem, but COME ON, people don’t quit things unless there is a problem, and I had a problem.

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My Greatest Support

My son was my number 1 support when I started The Alcohol Experiment. He told me in the first 30, when I was inspired to go for 60 days, he said, “Why don’t you try for a year?” He opened up and told me that he never liked when I drank and it was always hard for him. That was it for me. It overrode my promiscuity, loud sloppy behavior, hangovers, and consistently beating myself up by horrible things I did or said when drunk. He was the voice that was my rock bottom. I have been a single mom since he was 5 and he is my heart.

It has taken these 16 months to realize how big my problem was and I am so grateful to be sober. The Alcohol Experiment allowed me to just try life without alcohol and not have to define or label my problem. But now I see it.

Clear And Present

I have not desired a drink since that day in July. I feel like my life is so clear and I am so present.

Every day in this Covid world I write in my gratitude journal that I am sober. I am okay at home. I know I would have been a mess if I was still drinking. In fact, I was offered a big administrative job at the high school in my town and I am loving it. Life is brighter!

Share Your Story

So thank you for your books and Instagram posts and thank you for letting me share my story. Did you find healing with This Naked Mind? Share your story!

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