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A name constantly dropped in ‘sober curious’ circles is that of Annie Grace. Author of This Naked Mind – a self-help book about controlling our relationships with alcohol – Annie’s work has become the go-to destination for those who want to moderate their drinking, find inspiration and advice, or try her famous (and free) ‘30-day Alcohol Experiment’.

Controlling Our Relationships with Alcohol

Launched in 2015, This Naked Mind has reached nearly 10 million people worldwide through its podcast, books, online communities and newsletter, and more than 200,000 people have signed up for the ‘The Alcohol Experiment’ to date.

Taking a fresh approach, Grace focuses on the neuroscience behind drinking and what makes us crave alcohol, even if it’s doing us harm. She encourages people to consider their role alongside alcohol – why we want to drink, rather than ‘what’s wrong with me’. The Alcohol Experiment sends subscribers a daily video exploring how alcohol rewires our thinking and how to reboot our approach towards it.

Join Us

For over 230,000 people controlling our relationships with alcohol began with taking part in the forever free Alcohol Experiment. Join here.

No Rules

With the This Naked Mind platform, there’s no castigation for not ‘behaving’ – i.e., continuing to drink or falling off the waggon. ‘The sobriety movement long ago adopted the thinking that success is defined by 100% abstinence and anything less is a complete failure,’ says Annie. ‘This led to the notion that if someone lapsed, they had to “start over” from ground zero. I don’t see it that way at all.

‘The idea that one drink, on my path to healing, made me a failure and was considered a “relapse” triggered me to drink more. It’s frequently referred to as the “What the Hell Effect” – when we mess up, so start to then feel like: “oh well, I screwed up already so I might as well really mess up”. That behaviour is rooted in the shame and guilt we carry around. At This Naked Mind, we use the term “data point”, which implies that it’s just another point on our journey – whether one drink or a few drinks, rather than a multi-day bender. It doesn’t define you and you don’t need to be punished for it. But you can learn from it.’

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