How Dangerous is Mommy Wine Culture?

How Dangerous is Mommy Wine Culture?

Mommy wine culture. C’mon, you know what we’re talking about. You open a bottle of wine while cooking and then pour another one or two glasses over dinner — maybe every night since the pandemic struck. Are playdates and kids’ birthday parties also fueled by wine? Is it just a social sign of the times or is the culture a real problem for some? It’s an important Mom2Mom you can’t miss.

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Emily Lynn Paulson and I joined Maria Sansone to shed light on this important topic!

Break Away From Mommy Wine Culture

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Maria Sansone is an Emmy winning TV host, who creates amazing content on a wide variety of topics. She empowers women by hosting interviews with other moms for her MOM2MOM show where she reports on all of the topics that are relevant and relatable to women today. Make sure to follow her and the show.

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