How Drug Detox Affects Your Body: 3 Hope-Filled Facts

How Drug Detox Affects Your Body: 3 Hope-Filled Facts

When a person who struggles with addiction chooses to enter drug detox, the body and the brain take notice

They stand up and say, “Hey, where’s that substance we so desperately rely on?” 

That’s because withdrawal shocks the system. Your brain and body will fight to maintain the status quo while you work to return things to the factory setting–where joy and hope and wonder and purpose are all within the realm of possibility. 

Thankfully, with help from the right drug detox center, you can get through this temporary struggle on your journey toward treatment and recovery. 

Three Hope-Filled Facts About The Effects of Drug Detox on Your Brain and Body

Before you begin your journey, we’d like to offer you a little research-backed encouragement.

  • Medicine can make your symptoms more manageable. 

The old saying, “You got yourself into this mess, and so you can get yourself out of it,” does not apply here. Researchers know that addiction rewires the brain and has a powerful hold on the body. That’s why stopping a substance cold turkey can be incredibly difficult and, in some cases, extremely dangerous. (1

Withdrawal from opioids and heroin creates such discomfort and pain that without medication, a person may be unable to finish the drug detox period. Alcohol or benzo withdrawal can result in seizures and hallucinations on life-threatening levels. (1)  

Scary, no doubt. Thankfully, by choosing to begin your journey at a drug detox center, you’ll have access to medication that can reduce symptoms and make the withdrawal period safer, more manageable and more likely to lead to long-term recovery. (2)

  • Your liver will thank you, and you’ll thank your liver. 

The liver is a powerful organ. It’s responsible for removing toxins, bacteria and bilirubin from our bodies, as well as ensuring our blood breaks down, clots and processes properly. (3)

And while, yes, the liver is designed to tackle toxins like those found in drugs and alcohol, it isn’t built to do so on a daily or hourly basis. Repeated substance abuse can cause severe liver problems, resulting in hepatitis, cirrhosis or other forms of liver damage. 

Drug detox gives the liver a much-needed break, allowing it to rid the body of remaining toxins and heal along with you during recovery.

  • Your brain is ready to grow and change. 

When it comes to your brain on drugs, the facts are clear: substance abuse causes chemical changes in the brain that make it difficult for you to feel good through normal means. Drugs or alcohol become the only quick fix. Nothing else will do. 

Over time, your brain requires more and more of the problematic substance to get a little dose of feeling happy. And the moments in between often seem dull and depressing. (4)

Thankfully, just as drugs can rewire the brain, recovery can reverse the damage. Working with a drug detox center and moving from monitored detox immediately into a treatment program opens you up to research-based techniques for healing the brain. Methods used include brain imaging, brain retraining and physical exercise. (5

Brain improvements for alcohol abuse can be seen in just one week, while detox from other substances takes a bit longer to make a difference. (6) And researchers found that just 14 months into the recovery process, dopamine,that feel-good function of the brain,fully returns to pre-addiction levels. (5) Encouraging indeed! 

When it comes to drug detox, finding a safe, medically-based environment is a crucial element of recovering from addiction. This, paired with follow-up care is your best bet for long-term success! (7)

Let us help you or your loved one as they begin their journey toward a healthy life. For more information on our treatment options, call us at 844.768.1161.


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