How to curb your drinking during the festive season

How to curb your drinking during the festive season

Annie Grace, author of This Naked Mind, shares tips on how to curb your drinking during the festive season.

Christmas will certainly be different this year.

The festive celebrations which so often involve early cocktails and flutes of celebratory Champagne can leave even the most enthusiastic drinker feeling worse for wear.

Former marketing executive Annie Grace was one such drinker. By her mid-20s she was downing two bottles of wine a day while holding down a top job and functioning at home, although she’d wake at 3.33 am every night, worrying about her health, feeling disgusted with herself.

Grace, who lives in Colorado, carried on in this manner until her mid-30s, by which time she had a husband, Brian, and two sons, who are now aged 11 and eight. Her third child, now three, wasn’t yet born during her drinking days.

Past Christmases

“I spent a lot of Christmases in a stupor,” she admits. “I remember thinking, ‘I’m not going to drink until at least 5 pm’. Then it would be two or three drinks in the afternoon. Some Christmases would be starting off the day with Mimosas (champagne and orange juice). We’d end up drinking the entire day.”

She tried to curb her drinking but found herself drinking more because setting strict rules and limits for herself didn’t work. As her mindset shifted, she realized she wanted to drink less but it took three years for her to stop completely in December 2014.

Learn how to curb your drinking

During this time, she set out to understand why she was in control in every other area of her life. Through research, she learned about alcohol, the brain, and the body, which resulted in her book This Naked Mind.

It examines how the unconscious mind has been conditioned about the benefits of alcohol, how alcohol is the only drug you have to justify not taking and how not drinking is seen as being boring.

She explores the reasons people drink and offers ways to find freedom and discover happiness without alcohol.

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