How to See The Dangers of a Quick-Fix Society

How to See The Dangers of a Quick-Fix Society

Duct tape. Fast food. Credit cards. Fad diets. If there is one thing we love as a society, it is quick fixes. The temporary solutions that fail to address or resolve the much bigger problem. Not only do we love quick fixes, but we also love avoidance. When one quick fix fails, we seek out another one rather than doing anything to address the actual source of the issue.

Queen of Quick Fixes

I know because I was the queen of quick fixes. I used alcohol as my duct tape. It fixed everything for me. It was the balm for my anxiety, my companion on international business trips. I used it for relaxation, for courage, to be social, for romance. I could always, always find a reason to drink. If there was a problem, I was going to use alcohol to fix it.

Until my nightly wine habit became the problem. I had a slew of quick fixes for that too. Taking breaks from alcohol. Limiting the number of drinks I could have. Being the designated driver. Drinking water between glasses of wine. Not drinking until after 6 p.m. and stopping by 9 p.m.

All my quick fixes did was teach me how to drink faster or in larger quantities than before. My solutions were broken.

Drawn To Easy Choices

Why is it that we’re drawn to these quick fixes when we know that they do nothing for us long-term? That fast-food burger might get us through the next hour or two, but we know that, all too soon, our body will be sounding the alarm that it needs real, nutritious, and fortifying food.

Why would I go back to the wine to relax when I knew that ultimately it was causing my stress and my anxiety? Why do we insist upon exhausting every shortcut before we even think of addressing the elephant in the room?

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Try This Instead

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