I started drinking at 13 & used to down 2 bottles of wine a night, my partner was set to leave but now I’m a year sober

I started drinking at 13 & used to down 2 bottles of wine a night, my partner was set to leave but now I’m a year sober

Jessica shares how she went from a self-proclaimed party girl to a year sober and the role This Naked Mind played.

A MUM has revealed how she used to down two bottles of wine-a-night before hiding the bottles from her partner.

Jessica Roberts, 47, from Essex, started drinking at the age of 13. She was always a “party girl” but hit rock bottom with alcohol misuse disorder over Christmas 2019.

The office administrator, who has a nine-year-old daughter, admits she “ruined” the day. Spending much of it in bed hungover, then choosing to down Amaretto and Coke instead of her Christmas dinner.

Finally realising she needed to quit boozing for good, Jessica turned sober on New Year’s Day 2020 and hasn’t touched a drop since.

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Are you worried about your drinking?

The NHS advise both men and women not to regularly drink more than 14 units-a-week.

Each unit equates to half a pint of beer or a single shot. A large glass of wine (250ml) is 3 units.

Failing to remember what happened the night before, missing appointments/work because you’re drunk/hungover and feeling guilty about your drinking could be signs of alcohol misuse.

If you’re concerned about your drinking or someone else’s, a good first step is to see your GP.

You can also call the following helplines:

How Jessica made it to a year sober

Determined not to start drinking again, Jessica swapped evenings standing in the kitchen with a glass of wine for early nights and Netflix binges.

She says: “I tried to change my habits. I knew I couldn’t hang about in the kitchen anymore.

“I drank soda water whenever I felt like I needed a drink. I was downing two litres a night at one point. In fact, I told myself I could eat a tub of ice cream if I wanted to. It’s better than drinking two bottles of wine.

“David looked after things at home, I couldn’t have done this without him, he’s brilliant and congratulates me all the time.

“I found this Christmas just gone a bit difficult, but he said ‘you don’t give yourself enough credit for how far you’ve come this year’.

“Now whenever I fancy ‘just one drink’, I play the tape forward and remind myself where my life could have ended up.

“My boss was so supportive, I was very open with him and he helped me through it.

“I also saw my GP, who gave me acamprosate – a medication used to treat alcohol dependence – but I didn’t feel like it was helping, so only took it for a week.

“And I read a tremendous book about the science behind alcohol addiction, called This Naked Mind by Annie Grace, which made me understand what alcohol was doing to my brain.

Start Reading

You can start reading the book that helped Jessica get to a year sober for free right now!

“Before I’d always wake feeling guilty, full of remorse and broken promises.

“I kept Googling ‘have I got a drinking problem?’ I think once you start to ask yourself that question, you’ve pretty much answered it.

“I’m so proud to be a year sober, I’ll never go back to how I was before.”

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