I tried a 4-week perimenopause hormone reset programme, here’s how I got on

I tried a 4-week perimenopause hormone reset programme, here’s how I got on

Lizzie was surprised to find she needed to go alcohol free due to perimenopause. She also didn’t expect it to be so difficult!


Night sweats, weight gain, broken sleep, mood swings and increased anxiety, all while living through a pandemic. Lizzie Gore-Grimes on getting her perimenopause hormones under control.

What is it?

Annemarie Byrne, a qualified fitness instructor since 2002 and Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach since 2016, has devised this programme for women aged 40+ to prepare them for Perimenopause. She believes firmly that women should try and support this journey at least a decade before symptoms appear if possible.

The programme

For the next 28 days the main goals for me were:

  • To stick to three solid, nutritious meals a day with no grazing or snacking in between – except for herbal tea and vegetable juices
  • Eat within a restricted 8-10hr window (so if I had breakfast at 10am I had to eat nothing after 8pm at the latest)
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Avoid gluten (small amount of good quality sourdough bread allowed)
  • Include high-quality protein and healthy fats in every meal (oily fish, nuts, seeds, avocado etc)
  • Take three different supplements a day

Going alcohol free due to perimenopause

No alcohol. Without a doubt, this was the biggest challenge for me, as I had slipped into a really bad habit of a glass of wine (or three) every evening. Thankfully, I had already decided that I was fed up with the negative effect of low-level, perma-boozing so had started reading This Naked Mind – Control Alcohol by Annie Grace and found it an absolute game-changer. Armed with that I felt able to quit it completely for the four weeks.

Start Reading

Are you considering going alcohol free due to perimenopause or another health issue? Start reading This Naked Mind for free right now and discover why the book made it so easy for Lizzie to stop drinking.

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