I wasn’t trying to Change the World, I just wanted to Change Myself.

I wasn’t trying to Change the World, I just wanted to Change Myself.

Annie reflects on how when she set out to change herself it did indeed change the world, one person and one question at a time.

Wanting to Change Myself

Success comes at a price. The thing that got me to the top was also what I was using to deal with the pain and discomfort that position was bringing me. Yet, no matter how much I drank, it didn’t make it any easier. Also, I was no longer getting any better at my job.

Something had changed. Obviously, I hadn’t always needed a drink to be successful. I didn’t even really start drinking until I was out of college! Life didn’t always revolve around alcohol. There was a time where I could allow myself to have fun, let loose, or even have a good cry session without needing a drink in my hand.

I wasn’t trying to change the world, but I knew I needed to change myself.

I never counted on my journey of self-discovery becoming the foundation for hundreds of thousands of others to change themselves as well.

Maybe I did change the world

Changing myself meant doing something completely out of the ordinary for me. I wasn’t going to try to be the best. In fact, I made it my mission to stop trying so hard to be in control. This time (and for every journey since that day), I decided my modus operandi would be curiosity.

What changed? Why did I think the way I did? Where were these beliefs coming from? Were they even valid? Or was my entire mindset built upon lies?

What did alcohol even have to do with all this? What role was it playing in my thoughts, my beliefs, and my actions?

This was not a journey to stop drinking. It was a journey of discovery. A research paper into how I went from that happy and carefree 20-something who didn’t drink to this depressed, anxious, and career-driven 30-something I no longer even recognized.

Who was I? And more importantly, who did I want to be?

I had no idea how alcohol played into all of this. I knew one thing was certain—something had to change.

That journey started over seven years ago. The most important lesson that came out of it for me is that, in the end, alcohol had very little to do with why I was feeling the things I was feeling and doing the things I was doing.

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Change Your World

My journey of change led to a career shift, three books, and an online program that has helped over 225,000 people take a break from alcohol and change not just their beliefs around alcohol but also change how they view themselves and the world around them. If you want to ditch the rules and try something different for a change, check out The Alcohol Experiment. It is completely free and might be the beginning of the change you need.

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