ICYMI: This Week in the FASTer Way Community

ICYMI: This Week in the FASTer Way Community

September is off with a bang and we are giddy about some of the updates we have for you this week! There’s definitely something for everyone in this lineup, keep reading to see what we have in store for YOU—in case you missed it this week in the FASTer Way Community!



Calling all mamas of babes and mamas-to-be! We have an exclusive round just for YOU coming up on LABOR DAY, September 7! (See what we did there? 😉) Join us for this very special round that will focus on your unique needs during this very special phase of life.

And in case you missed the pregnancy guideline update by the ACOG, women are now encouraged to begin a safe exercise routine during pregnancy! This is welcome news to women who are ready to incorporate fitness into their lifestyle. If YOU are ready but unsure where to begin, this round is the perfect place to start.

**Of course, you should always consult your health care provider to determine what best for your unique circumstances.


FASTer Way founder Amanda Tress will be offering a FREE live training on HORMONES and how they could be wreaking havoc on your fat loss. Join us on Tuesday, September 15, at 12 p.m. ET to learn:

😲Common fitness and nutrition fads that can harm your hormones.

🙅Sneaky signs and symptoms that your hormones are unhappy — do NOT ignore these!

🏆Top strategies that work WITH your hormones naturally (and turn you into a pro fat burner!).

💪How to get [properly] tested for hormone imbalance PLUS what to do next!


Remember, registration is FREE but space is limited, so don’t wait! We’ll give you the answers you’ve been searching for — all backed by science. 

Good health isn’t found in a pill or shake. Learn how you can take action today to heal your hormones and start *finally* seeing the progress you want! 


If you thought burpees weren’t fun, then you’ve never done burpees the FASTer Way! Our September VIP Burpee Challenge is well underway and we are having a BLAST getting our challenge workouts done! And because we know how busy you are, we’re sharing helpful time-saving tips all month long in FASTer Way in the Kitchen! 

If you think you can’t do burpees, don’t worry! We provide low-impact modifications because we want everyone to be able to participate! Burpees increase your strength, stamina, and endurance—not to mention your “cool factor.” 😎

Burpees are where it’s at in September, join us for all the FUN!! 🎉


Our popular FASTer Way Certification is coming soon!! Certification opens only a few times each year, so don’t miss out on your chance to attend this popular event! Sign up for the waitlist using the link below!

BEST PART? Our FAST Pass registration is now OPEN! When you submit your FAST Pass application, you’ll have the opportunity to bypass the FASTer Way Certification Information Event on September 28. 

Those who submit FAST Pass applications receive first priority to our exclusive certification and spots are limited! If you’ve been thinking about joining our certification, NOW is the time. Don’t miss out!


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