I’m a mom who drank alcohol daily amid COVID-19. Here’s what women need to know.

I’m a mom who drank alcohol daily amid COVID-19. Here’s what women need to know.

The amount of women who have admitted to have drank alcohol daily sharply increased amid Covid-19. Between 2019 into 2020, reports of women binge drinking rose — now many, particularly mothers, say they’re reevaluating their relationship with alcohol in hopes to put an end to a hazardous health trend.

She drank alcohol daily

In 2019, Lainy Warnecke made it 47 days without having a drink after becoming “sober curious.”

She eventually went back to consuming alcohol in moderation. When the pandemic hit, the mother of two found herself pouring a drink every single day as she worked a full-time job remotely along with having her kids out of school.

“A stress unlike any I’d ever experienced before.” Warnecke of McKinney, Texas, told “Good Morning America.” “I told my manager at the time, ‘It’s not the kids and it’s not the work. It’s that everything is going on at the same time.’ You didn’t have, ‘It’s the end of the day.’ [Instead], you had everything coinciding.”

In a study released in September by the RAND corporation and supported by the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), adults’ drinking habits were compared from 2019 to 2020. Surveying 1,540 adults, participants were asked about their shift in consumption between spring 2019 and spring 2020, during the virus’ first peak.

Resources for those who drank alcohol daily

See what works for you. For some, A/A is all they need. Others don’t feel they connect with it.

Paulson said she suggests reading “This Naked Mind” by Annie Grace.

“It’s information, it’s science, it’s non-judgmental,” she said. “It can really help re-frame your belief about alcohol. That’s usually the first thing I tell my clients.”

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Get a sneak peek of the book that has helped so many to change their drinking. Download the first chapter for free right now.

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