I’m all about Experiencing the Joy of Missing Out.

I’m all about Experiencing the Joy of Missing Out.

Are you familiar with experiencing the joy of missing out? It might be one of the most gratifying and validating emotions we ever experience.

A Lesson in the Joy of Missing Out

We had the time of our lives this past weekend and I didn’t have a hard time enjoying myself or being the life of the party even if all my glass held was sparkling water with lime. We talked, danced, and played games well into the night for a few days in a row.

And those late nights hit me like a ton of bricks when Monday morning rolled around and I needed to jump back into real life. What was I thinking? I am in no way cut out for staying up until 2:00 a.m. night after night! It was the Mondayest Monday ever.

Ironically, I am full of incredible gratitude for it.

That weekend and the long Monday that followed were a lesson in JOMO, the joy of missing out.

I Hadn’t Missed This

The sleep deprivation that was kicking my butt on Monday morning was once a daily occurrence for me. Except I could add to it the headache, brain fog, deprivation, and upset stomach that usually accompanied it thanks to the wine or liquor that had contributed to it the night before.

Incredible joy can be found in missing out on that.

I also woke up on that fateful Monday to a feeling that rarely surfaces for me nowadays but that I take upwards of four medications to manage. My good old frenemy—anxiety. It was painful and uncomfortable to walk around that day with the feeling of unease that anxiety brings. To feel as if we aren’t in control and we’re just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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Start Experiencing the Joy of Missing Out

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