Instant Sobriety – Sandy’s Naked Life

Instant Sobriety – Sandy’s Naked Life

Sandy struggled to moderate drinking so achieving instant sobriety with This Naked Mind was an unexpected gift!

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My Story

Alcohol was just something I did. I never really questioned it until I hit my 40s. My kids got to an age that they recognized I drank daily, which made me recognize it.

I tried for a year and a half to limit my drinking, 2 drinks a day or less. I tracked my progress on my phone and couldn’t keep this for more than 3 days in a row. After months of beating myself up and feeling like a failure – I decided I really needed to address my issue or be ok with my kids remembering me as an alcoholic. I didn’t consider myself an alcoholic but they did and told me so.  Shortly after this, I lost my best friend in a freak auto accident. My drinking increased daily, as I tried to cope. I was terrified. Knowing I couldn’t use alcohol to cope and not sure how I was going to survive this. 

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Looking For A Way Out

The thought of never drinking again caused me severe panic, I knew it wasn’t possible and I’d never succeed. I was sad, slowly killing myself, and knew I needed to try something. I stumbled across Annie Grace and This Naked Mind while scrolling through Facebook; on impulse, I purchased the audiobook and thought what can it hurt to listen to what she has to say. Even though I never truly believed that I could quit drinking. I knew I had to quit. For a year and a half, I struggled to limit my alcohol with no long term success – so moderation was not an option.

Instant Sobriety

Three-fourths through your book – on April 26, 2020 (one month and 2 days after the passing of my best friend) – I quit. It wasn’t marked with fanfare or even a marked effort on my part; other than listening to the book. I got home from work that day and a beer just didn’t sound good. Beer always sounded good after work. Could it be? Instant sobriety?

What About Withdrawals?

I started tracking my days with no drinks, I kept waiting for withdrawal symptoms and cravings. None of which ever came. In a way, I think quitting during the pandemic was easier because there were fewer occasions to go out/be social. So I didn’t need to address the social side of not drinking. I remember I was actually scared to tell my mom; drinking together was our thing. Shockingly, I went to the bar with her and didn’t want a drink; I was fine with her drinking and me having soda. I seriously, never thought in a million years this would ever be my reality.

Grateful For Instant Sobriety

It’s been almost 300 days that I’ve been AF. I’ve had a few cravings but nothing that ever made me question my decision or pick up a drink. They came and went quickly.  I don’t know what directly caused my “instant sobriety” but it’s a miracle!! Some days I’m scared it will go away and I’ll start craving and drinking alcohol again. Alcohol rarely crosses my mind. When it does I think, “I can’t believe I ever drank and what has alcohol ever improved in my life?”  And that answer is a resounding NOTHING! I have a really long list of what it has screwed up, ruined, and taken from me.


Thank you for this gift! I’m blessed in a year that I’ve lost my best friend, my Dad, and my dog – all while surviving this horrible pandemic. I say blessed because I’m surviving these tragedies AF. That is a gift and a blessing. I still fear my instant sobriety will go away one day. That I will start to crave alcohol again but right now – I got this and I don’t ever want to go back! Thank you!!

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