Moderation Never Stuck – Lisa’s Naked Life

Moderation Never Stuck – Lisa’s Naked Life

For Lisa, moderation never stuck no matter how she tried to control her drinking. Listening to This Naked Mind changed that and her entire relationship with alcohol.


Thank You

Thank you for my upcoming anniversary of being 6 months alcohol free.

I work in a library and had seen This Naked Mind, but it was always checked out. I was too embarrassed to put it on hold for fear my coworkers would see what it was that I wanted to read. Luckily, you had an e-audiobook which I was able to check out privately. Listening to your voice as you narrated your book was more powerful than reading it.

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Moderation Never Stuck

I had been drinking for decades with only a couple of pregnancy breaks. Over the years, I tried to cut back to lose weight and to be healthier but moderation never stuck. I could not imagine not drinking – my social circle and the resort town I live in both revolve around happy hours. As my tolerance increased over the years, I had to drink larger quantities to feel that rosy numbing haze that I craved more and more often.

Lockdown Drinking

When the pandemic lockdown occurred, I was scared like everyone. All the reasons I had for drinking were intensified – liquid courage, trying to forget, trying to relax, to be less anxious, something to do… Now I was drinking alone. More than ever I was trying to deny I had a problem. My feelings of guilt were overwhelming but all I could think about was when could I have my next drink. I started having cases of wine delivered. 12 bottles would never last as long as I had planned.

Getting Naked

I finished listening to your book in about 2 weeks. By then it was becoming obvious to me that drinking was not only not solving my problems, but it was also making me feel worse than ever. All the science and research you put forth, and most of all your empathy and understanding, gave me hope that I could change lifelong patterns. I finally understood why moderation never stuck.

Using The Tools

I made the decision to stop drinking shortly after finishing your book. And I joined the 30-day alcohol experiment soon after that. With those tools, I was set up to be successful. I missed your encouragement after those 30 days were over. I then started the “100 Days of Lasting Change” program. Which has also made a huge difference in my alcohol-free journey.

So Thankful Moderation Never Stuck

Some friends have commented on how easy it seemed for me to quit. I myself wonder about that. Has it been easier because there have not been happy hours or other social gatherings? Have I not really been tested because of the pandemic? Then I look at all the progress I have made and in my heart, I know how much work I have put into this. Thus, I congratulate myself and let hope for my new life fill me with joy.

As I approach my 6 month anniversary, I want to thank you for all that you have done and continue to do. For helping so many people to become alive again. You are my inspiration. I promise to be a shining example of what we can all accomplish! Thank you!!

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