More older women are drinking too much. A new sobriety movement aims to help.

More older women are drinking too much. A new sobriety movement aims to help.

There’s a new sobriety movement and This Naked Mind is thrilled to be considered an important part of it.

Women Using Alcohol

A growing number of women are using alcohol to smooth out the rough edges of life. Two years ago, Canada’s chief public health officer sounded the alarm, warning that women are increasingly drinking themselves to death. Alcohol-related deaths increased by 26 percent between 2001 and 2017 for women, compared to a five percent increase for men. An American study found that the prevalence of high-risk drinking (regularly exceeding the daily guidelines) among women shot up almost 60 percent between 2001 and 2013. Women aged 55 to 64 represent the highest increases in visits to hospital for acute alcohol consumption.

A New Sobriety Movement

I wanted to cut back, not stop drinking completely. AA, with its emphasis on a higher power and self-recrimination, didn’t appeal to me. But when COVID-19 hit, the online sobriety world seemed to explode with meetings and recovery programs led by experts and influencers sharing their advice and their communities online. I signed up for programs with three of the biggest sobriety superstars: Laura McKowen, Annie Grace and Holly Whitaker, all of whom have bestselling “quit lit” memoirs.

It surprised me that there were often hundreds of people in these Zoom support meetings, almost all of them women. The majority looked to be midlife and beyond. Many told stories of serious drinking issues that seemed far worse than mine. I felt relieved that I wasn’t that bad. But then I’d rub my finger over the slight bump on my left eyebrow and remember the night I was rushed to the hospital.

Join Us in A New Sobriety Movement

If you’re looking to change your relationship with alcohol join us in the Live Alcohol Experiment. Look at why you drink in a completely different way while taking a 30 day break from booze.

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