No, A Drink Won’t Fix This. ~ Annie Grace

No, A Drink Won’t Fix This. ~ Annie Grace

I joined Elephant Journal to share why a drink won’t fix this or anything at all.


The election. Racial tensions. Unemployment. Climate change. Parenting. Marriage. Aging parents. Wildfires.

If my brain had tabs like my computer does, these would all be currently open and marked urgent along with another 20 or so just to keep life interesting.

I, like you, am finding the world and everything transpiring in it to be just a bit too much right now.

The theme for 2020 is nothing gets resolved. We just keep piling catastrophe on top of catastrophe and are waiting to see when this global Jenga game will just collapse.

Enough already, right? How are we expected to deal with all this while still trying to cope with living our everyday lives and the “normal” stressors that still accompany it? There’s one thing I’m not doing that many, many other people are right now. It’s a “been there, done that, didn’t work” lesson that I learned. My hope is that I can spare you the frustration and pain that I went through by sharing this lesson with you.


A Drink Won’t Fix This.

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