Op-Ed: A Scary Mommy Post Changed My Life

Op-Ed: A Scary Mommy Post Changed My Life

Blair Sharp shares her struggle with alcohol and how a Scary Mommy post changed her life. Perhaps it will do the same for you!

Life-Changing in a Click

Three years ago, I was checking my email on my lunch break at work. I opened up the Scary Mommy newsletter to see if anything would catch my eye. On that particular day, something did.

I read the title, “Other Moms Tell Me To Drink, And This Is Why It Matters” by Katie Bickell.

Clicked the link.

I didn’t know it then, but that moment was the first in many to follow that changed my life, and the author is a person to whom I will be forever grateful.

My Struggle With Alcohol

In the post, she wrote about a time she was shopping with her daughter for a slumber party they were hosting. They filled their cart with all the necessities and got in line to checkout. The two women behind them were watching and started up a conversation. They joked with her that she’d need a few bottles of wine to get through the party. They joked about her having alcohol in the coffee cup she was holding. As I read, I really didn’t think much of it. As the author continued, I was intrigued. “Those strangers didn’t know I am a sober person,” she wrote. Her words stopped me in my tracks.

I continued to read as she shared her story about her relationship with alcohol. As I read, my eyes filled with tears. She was writing about me. Her struggle was my struggle. Feeling her words deep down in my soul.

I don’t remember much about that day besides what happened next. I felt like I needed to talk to this woman. Above all else, I had to find out if what she was saying was true … did she really not drink? Did her life still make her happy without alcohol? How could this be?

Finding Freedom From My Struggle with Alcohol

That day Katie gave me so much advice. “Don’t future-trip,” she said. “Just worry about today, don’t drink today,” she told me. This is some of the same advice I give to people now. I tell them to read Annie Grace’s book “This Naked Mind.” I tell them to start their own private Instagram account for support and to track their journey. There is a whole alcohol-free community on Instagram, and it was so helpful when I went alcohol-free. I’ve made so many friends from that platform.

You Can Stop Struggling

If you’ve also been struggling with alcohol – there is hope. Start reading This Naked Mind for free now and learn how you can not just live alcohol-free but thrive.

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