Pandemic Drinking: 5 Steps to Drinking Less during COVID-19. ~ Annie Grace

Pandemic Drinking: 5 Steps to Drinking Less during COVID-19. ~ Annie Grace

Whether it’s to alleviate the stress and anxiety that the pandemic has brought on, to deal with the monotony of spending day after day at home doing the same things, or because time means nothing anymore now that work, home, and play are all intertwined—pandemic drinking has escalated for so many of us. Drinking less during Covid-19 is starting to intrigue us all.

Drinking Less during Covid-19

Step 1: Get curious.

Why are you drinking more? Is the alcohol actually doing anything to help you cope? How do you feel about your drinking? How does it make you behave?

Yes, some of these questions could be painful to ask yourself and the answers might make you uncomfortable. Hardships elevate us. It is through pressure and intensity that we are forced to grow. That can be a really beautiful thing.

Once you get through those questions, dig deeper. Why do you want to take a break from alcohol or drink less? Are you just looking to prove to yourself that you’re not an alcoholic? Are you trying to see how life can improve when alcohol isn’t such an important part of it?

I’m going to interject with this statement here, and I want you to hold onto it even if you don’t do anything about changing your drinking right now:

It is okay and normal to question, examine, or want to change your relationship with alcohol.

It does not mean there is anything wrong with you or that you have a problem. Alcohol, even though it is legal, is a drug. You do not have to justify or feel guilty about eliminating its use to anyone at any time.

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