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You can always count on your library staff to tell you about the best books. It’s even better when This Naked Mind is recommended reading!

This Naked Mind Recommended Reading

“This Naked Mind” by Annie Grace

There is so much more to reality beyond just what we believe. Our conclusions, assumptions, experiences and observations aren’t what we know. They are what we have interpreted to be real. Apply this perspective to addiction, alcohol, you name it, and this book you can help you find true, raw, happiness. But you have to be ready to look.

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“Gideon the Ninth” by Tamsyn Muir

Here lie bones — bones all the way down. Down into the twisted minds that warp these bleached remnants with naught more than willpower and prowess. Down into a massive seaside mansion brimming with science, secrets, and — you guessed it — bones! What hides within ancient basements, behind locked doors (and tombs!), or among the twisted thoughts of prodigious necromancers? Bones! When Harrowhark and her witty yet unwitting cavalier, Gideon, are called upon to venture out into the depths of space to gather on a faraway planet, they couldn’t even begin to imagine what they’re in for. Punishment? Trickery? No: it’s just more bones — bones all the way down. Interest piqued? I thought so; you can’t go wrong with bones.

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