Teen Residential Treatment: What To Expect

Teen Residential Treatment: What To Expect

The idea of sending your teen off to residential treatment can be harrowing. You may have a lot of questions about what to expect. Addiction treatment is a big change from regular life. But you and your teen have so much to gain. 

Here’s more about what your teen’s day will be like, how to stay involved, and the benefits for your family. It’s OK to be uncertain. You can still be supportive from start to finish.

What to expect from adolescent treatment

Getting started with substance abuse treatment can seem like a lot. Here are a few valuable things to know from the start.

In treatment, teens will learn:

  • The “whys” behind their drug use.
  • How to feel confident without drugs or alcohol.
  • Healthy coping skills to manage their addiction.
  • To manage daily life activities.

Residential treatment has a lot of structure. It includes therapy, activities and 24-hour support. This setup helps your teen shut out distractions and focus on recovery.

Teens keep to a daily schedule that includes school and free time. They will also have group sessions and individual therapy. These activities help your teen make changes in several areas of their life as they learn about recovery in a well-rounded manner each day.

How can parents stay involved during treatment? 

Family therapy helps parents understand more about addiction. They learn about the role they play in recovery. Therapists teach parents how to make their home safe for their teen. Treatment outcomes are also better for teens when the family stays connected. Even parents benefit directly from taking part.

Family members are an essential part of residential treatment. When parents stay involved, treatment works better for teens. The family therapy program takes place once a week on weekends. All family members are encouraged to attend as often as they can.

Teens aren’t allowed to have their cell phones. But parents can still call the treatment center to check in between family sessions.

Teen addiction treatment: Family connections matter

Why does family matter so much in adolescent addiction treatment? Family roles and emotional pain are part of addiction. The teen years can be tough. But it’s an important time of growth. The family unit is still at the center of a teen’s life.

Therapy helps everyone see the bigger picture. Substance abuse grows from emotional pain, and addiction puts a strain on families. Everyone in a teen’s family feels the pain from addiction. But families may be unsure how to make things better.

Family therapy sessions focus on talking openly. Each family member learns skills for working together. Every session builds honesty and trust. They can stop the harmful patterns that can lead to relapse. 

Benefits of family therapy

Research shows that family therapy also helps parents. Parents benefit the most from therapy that helps their coping and wellbeing. Parents also get support in therapy. These lessons help the whole family.

When treatment ends, teens need a safe place at home. Therapy helps parents and teens get ready for this. Making changes as a family can be tough sometimes. But the support and skills from therapy make this easier.

Adolescent addiction treatment: Healing together

At The Right Step DFW, we want to help families heal together. Our adolescent program will help teens focus on creating healthy boundaries. Treatment will empower them to live a confident, substance-free life. 

Our recovery specialist can help you better understand what options are best for your teen and your family.

Call us today at 844.675.0964 to find out more. 

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