The 5 Best Mother’s Day Gifts for The Alcohol-Free Mom

The 5 Best Mother’s Day Gifts for The Alcohol-Free Mom

Mother’s Day – it is a time we have set aside to honor and cherish those special ladies who love us even when we’re unlovable. We want to give them all their favorites. For a long time that was easy – a bottle of wine, a glass, or t-shirt with a quirky verse about parenting and wine and you were out the door. Now that Mom is alcohol-free – figuring out the best Mother’s Day gifts just got harder. We polled our readers for their top 5 suggestions and we’re sharing their feedback with you!

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Be The Planner

Many moms wrote in that they are typically the family planner. They coordinate schedules, plan meals, keep track of all the things – the last thing they want is to have to plan Mother’s Day too. Decision-making fatigue is a very real thing and they shouldn’t have to face it on a day meant to celebrate them. Show Mom you know what she likes and that she is special by taking her job over for the day. Outdoor-minded moms might like to go on a hike, out on the lake, or try something new like zip-lining.

Maybe Mom loves nothing more than some sun and a good book. Stock up on snacks and books and take her to the beach! Movie buffs might enjoy a movie and snack marathon. Or do something really fun altogether – there are so many options opening up again. A family painting session, cooking classes, a rafting or woodworking class – the sky is the limit on planning Mom’s day for her.

Chores Galore

Chances are there is some sort of chore that Mom would like taken care of for her. One of the best Mother’s Day gifts might just be getting “that thing” marked off the list for her. A house cleaning, a car detail, someone to rake the yard, paint the house or mow the lawn. Find out what tasks keep getting pushed off and take them on. Any Mom of small children would probably love a laundry service gift certificate – wash, dry, and fold? Oh yes! The best Mother’s Day gifts are those that reduce stress.

Invest in Mom’s New Interests

When we stop drinking we find ourselves filling our time in different ways – after all we have so much more of it! Show Mom you’re supportive of her by investing in her new interests. Whether it’s pots and pans because Mom has morphed into Julia Child, running gear for the new distance runner, or maybe a kombucha starter set – show Mom that you not only see that she has changed but that you want to help sustain that change!

Show Your Support

If you really want to give the best Mother’s Day Gift to an alcohol-free mom – show your support on her journey. Find out what quit lit books she hasn’t read yet and get them for her. See if she would like to join a program like the Live Alcohol Experiment, The PATH, or 100 Days of Lasting Change. Get her a journal, buy her tea, seltzer, or whatever helps her get through each day and to stay committed. Often the greatest gift is just having our hard work on this journey noticed.

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts – Time and Memories

The best Mother’s Day gifts do not require any money spent or really any hard planning. When we were drinking what we missed out on the most was time. Time spent with the ones we love and the memories made. So nothing would be more meaningful to any mother than time and memories. Make Mother’s Day a day that the phones get put up, distractions are put aside, and you enjoy the present that presence brings. Create a scrapbook together, have a family photoshoot, play board games or just sit and talk. Being part of our child’s life is the greatest gift any mother will ever get.

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