The Biggest DoFasting Update Is Here!

The Biggest DoFasting Update Is Here!

At DoFasting, we’re in the business of self-growth, and we know there is always room for a little extra improvement.

We’re super happy to announce our biggest update yet – the MEGA GIGA UPDATE!!!

With this latest update, we’re adding tons and tons of new and extra content. Don’t worry. We haven’t axed any of the great features you’ve all come to know in love. We just wanted to make DoFasting bigger, better, more MEGA GIGA than before!

Let’s just get straight into it!

New Diets to Choose From

There were once only three diets to choose from – Regular, Vegan, and Vegetarian. We’ve now added Pascetarian (a vegetarian diet allowing fish), with two more coming soon. 

What are the two anticipated diets slated to become part of DoFasting’s already incredible lineup? Get psyched because, on top of Pescatarian, we’ll also be adding Paleo and Ketogenic diets to the mix.

Get ready to soon try Paleo by avoiding processed foods and returning to a natural diet enjoyed by ancient humans long ago. Or blast your body into the fat-burning state of ketosis with our upcoming low-carb and high fat Ketogenic diet.

Thousands of New Recipes!

Remember all the fabulous recipes we had on DoFasting? So much variety and loads of flavor combinations – did you try them all? We originally had around 200 individual recipes…

Now there will be over 5,000 and still growing! 

Improved Meal Planning Options

The DoFasting “meal” l section is receiving more than just recipes.

Find recipes easier and search your heart out with the edition of sorting by “categories” and “allergies.” Speaking of allergies, we’ve also updated and made more thorough our list of possible allergens to exclude. While building your meal plans within the app, you will now have the option to exclude specific recipes based on the allergens you designate.

We’ve also added a feature for picky eaters! There is a new “avoid” option, so if you’re not a celery fan or don’t like eating beans (for reasons), you can choose to exclude recipes using those ingredients.

Newly Added “Featured Categories”

We’ve created a few more categories to spice things up too! Think of them as daily or weekly specials to help you branch out and try new, vibrant, and healthy flavors.

Check out the new “Under 10 Minutes”, “Low Calorie,” and “Healthy Alternatives” tabs, where you’ll find all sorts of options to replace fast food and eliminate those rogue burger cravings. 

You also can now build your very own “Favorites” list where you can collect and save all of your favorite recipes or one’s that you’d like to cook a bit later.

Clock Now Displays Your Fasting State

This one is nice. Once you open the app, you’ll find the clock showing the time until your next fasting or eating window AND the state of your fast. 

There are five supported fasting stages:

  • Anabolic (0-4 hours)
  • Catabolic (4-12 hours)
  • Partial Ketosis (12-18 hours)
  • Active Ketosis (18-36)
  • Deep Ketosis (36+) 

Each state is indicative of where you’re at in the fat-burning process (aka ketosis). The farther into ketosis you are, the more fat your body is burning as energy. Now you know where you stand!

More Intuitive Calorie Log

Finally, we’ve added a new function to log calories and better track daily value. 

Previously we had a feature where you could only log calories from the meals and recipes included in the app. For example, if I cook DoFasting’s Chicken Soup and eat it – I log the daily calories into the bar, and that’s it. 

Now it doesn’t matter if it’s one of our recipes or not. You are now able to log the calories of each product or specific food you eat. Go off script and sample all the tastes of life without missing a caloric beat!

That’s all, folks! For now…

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