The First One To Get Sober – Martha’s Naked Life

The First One To Get Sober – Martha’s Naked Life

Martha was the first one to get sober. It wasn’t easy and took more than one attempt. With This Naked Mind and The Alcohol Experiment, she’s now embracing life as an alcohol-free trailblazer.

first one to get sober

This Wasn’t The Plan

I wouldn’t have even begun this journey if it weren’t for this book. I mean, eventually, I probably would have had to. But at 27, even though everyone around me was very aware I had a problem, I probably had a few more good years of problem drinking ahead of me. There’s no way I would be the first one to get sober.

But it didn’t happen. I read the book. Read things I couldn’t unlearn. I did the work. Realized that alcohol wasn’t serving me. I maybe had realized before that I wanted to stop but couldn’t. This book gave me the tools to take me back to a place where I was before I ever drank alcohol.

I know that’s a line in the book, but it’s true! I’m to a place where I look at a glass of wine, and I see no benefit. I only see the calories and the headache and the depleted sleep.

The Biggest Problem Drinker Out There

I was the biggest problem drinker I know. In a typical week, my husband and I would split 1-2 boxes of wine, 2 bottles of liquor, and a 12 pack of beer or seltzer. Every week. Morning drinking on weekends was not uncommon for me. And showing up blacked out for Sunday family dinners was my favorite pastime.

Data Points and This Naked Mind

I read This Naked Mind in January 2020, and did my first 30 days quite successfully (2 data points) in February, and then the pandemic hit. From there, I did the step that I now know to be the “stop trying to stop drinking” phase and lord was I in it. But, I was still a sponge. Listening to podcasts, redoing the work I did with This Naked Mind.

Start Reading

Could you be the first one to get sober in your group? Let This Naked Mind be part of your journey! Download the first 40 pages for free right now.

The LIVE Alcohol Experiment

In July I knew I was ready to do my second 30-day experiment, and this time I was going to do the Live Alcohol Experiment with coaches and a group of 1,500.

I had a data point on my second day. This was going to be harder than I thought.

The community the live experiment brought was something else. It was my first foray into the community that comes with sobriety. I read quit lit every night, got my sober Instagram, joined the community there.

Something clicked. And by clicked I mean I probably had 5 more data points. Then I realized I was done resetting my sobriety clock. I wanted the streaks to match the change that happened in my head.

All In

I started therapy, joined another group called Recovery Elevator, 1,000 hours dry, got an accountability partner or two, and started leaning into my sober Instagram. Just throwing everything at my sobriety. It felt like the ultimate form of self-care.

So it’s hard to describe what my streak is. Because as of now, my last day of drinking was October 12, 2020. 46 days ago. But really, I’ve spent over 50% of 2020 alcohol free. The holidays are here. I got through the election, Halloween, and now Thanksgiving with the support of my groups as well as really leaning on my accountability partner, shout out to Taryn!

Finding My Strength

People always ask me if this is hard. I don’t know how to answer that. Because it is, but it also isn’t. I’m flexing sobriety muscles in my brain every time I don’t drink for a special occasion like Halloween or Thanksgiving. Because of all of the heavy lifting I’ve done this year, gathering my sobriety toolbox, I’m able to pass a craving pretty easily. So would I consider that hard? If I have all the tools to stay sober? Not really. It’s just using the tools I’ve gathered.

The First One To Get Sober

As I’ve said, now I’m 28 and firmly in this sobriety community. I could have had another 10-15 years of drinking but instead, I’m a pioneer. First-person I know to get sober. I have a lot of great things coming up in those 10-15 years I’ve gained back. I’m going to make them count.

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