The Gifts We Give Ourselves – How To Treat Yourself With Intention

The Gifts We Give Ourselves – How To Treat Yourself With Intention

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday. The gift-giving season is upon us. Our children are writing letters to Santa, we’re checking out Amazon wish lists and cross-checking deals and steals as we go along. Except for this year – it’s all a little different which has led me to think about the gifts we give ourselves.


The prolonged time we spent at home along with a massive house purge led me to realize just how much stuff we hold onto that we no longer (or never really) needed. I’m not in a mad rush to buy stuff this year because I know that 80 percent of it will end up discarded, broken, or forgotten about by December 26 or so. So my gift giving has become more intentional. There may be less stuff under the tree but there will be way more heart.

Living Intentionally

As I started thinking about being intentional in gift giving I also realized just how much we hold onto mentally and emotionally when we really should have tossed it in a garbage bag and left it at the curb long, long ago. Guilt, shame, blame, regret – we hold onto them like they are an old college sweatshirt. Rather than bringing us comfort they just bring us down.

The Gift I Gave Myself

I stopped drinking in December. It was right before Christmas. I remember that first Christmas alcohol free, I felt very full of love and life and I realized that YES – I never had to drink again! I never had to worry about what I was going to say or do or be filled with regret. This is, without a doubt, the best gift I’ve ever given myself. The gifts we give ourselves are usually not found in stores or on a wish list. They are a result of making one choice and the ripple effect that one decision creates.

A Gift To Give Your Yourself

The gifts we give ourselves don’t need to cost a dime. Give yourself the gift of curiosity right now, completely free. Join us in The Alcohol Experiment for a 30 day break from alcohol. Experience for yourself what can come from one simple change. What other gifts await you?

You’re Going To Need A Bigger Tree

So many gifts kept coming from the initial gift of going alcohol free. I could not have imagined. These gifts include the gift of more peace in my life, the gift of self discovery, the gift of better sleep, and more intimacy in all of my relationships. The gift of really appreciating who I am instead of being constantly frustrated with myself.

Maybe you NEVER wanted this, but maybe you can shift your thinking and perspective to realize this could be the best thing you didn’t know you needed. The gifts we give ourselves are seldom wanted but often just what we needed.

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