The Lies Wine Is Telling You

The Lies Wine Is Telling You

Nightly wine is an obvious roadblock to my weight-loss. It was also robbing me of my evenings and destroying my sleep. I would crash easily, sometime between nine and ten, but wake in the early hours dehydrated and wide awake. Then I would lie there and ruminate on the worries of life for a couple of hours, falling back to sleep around four in the morning, only to be jolted from my slumber at five thirty to get on with the day. The cycle continued. I knew it was wine, if I skipped the wine for a night, I slept like a baby. So why couldn’t I just put it down? Why do we believe the lies wine is telling you?

The Lies Wine Is Telling You

After a ten plus hour day at the office, wine is the only way to switch off

This for me is the stand out reason why I kept drinking. I am a commercial lawyer with a busy practice. I work, on average, ten hours per day and often a few more on the weekend.

Over the last couple of years I have become acutely aware of my tendency to start thinking about my glass of wine mid-afternoon. My self-talk would go something like you will be able to put all this out of your head tonight, the wine will take it away.

Looking back I realize that I had fallen for the lie that a glass of wine is a ticket to a place where the worries of life temporarily melt away.

That’s a very slippery slope. The truth is, wine takes nothing away it just temporarily alters the normal functioning of your brain, and fools you into thinking you are having a break from your stress.

Four weeks without wine

In early January I started to read This Naked Mind. I’m only part way through the book, and I haven’t picked it up for a few weeks. But for reasons I can’t yet explain, something in the book flicked a switch in my mind.

I suddenly saw wine for what it is, and for what it was taking from me. I put it down, and that has not been particularly difficult. When I work out why, I will write about it.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying having my evenings back. Before it was wine, shower, eat and collapse. Now I enjoying cooking, an evening swim, reading, conversations with my husband.

I have taken back my evenings, and I’m sleeping like a baby.

Wine isn’t worth it.

Because wine is lying to you.

Shatter The Lies Wine Is Telling You

Are you ready to take the lies wine is telling you and replace them with the honest truth? Start reading This Naked Mind for free right now and do just that!

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