The Moment You Know You Have To Begin Again

The Moment You Know You Have To Begin Again

On August 17, 2008 I dropped to my knees in a prayer born out of desperation as a result of my cocaine and alcohol addiction coupled with Anxiety & Panic Disorder. It had all become too heavy to carry. In that moment I knew everything had to change; that I had to start over and try something new. After that prayer, a miracle was set into motion and I never drank or did cocaine from that day forward.

“Everyone has gone through something that has changed them in such a way that they could never go back to the person they once were.”

Sometimes people ask me if I miss drinking and partying. Or if I thought that now, after so much time has passed, if I could drink “normally.” And the honest answer is that I have no desire to return to that lifestyle. I’m not that person anymore.

My sobriety and recovery has changed me in such a way that I could never go back. I can never not know what I know now. And that is the beauty of regrouping your life. You come out on the other side like a brand new person.

Introducing the Regroup Podcast with your hosts: Carly Benson & Kelly Fitzgerald

The Regroup Podcast was created to talk about what moments like these mean. How they feel. What it looks like when we have to regroup our lives.

re•group : to reorganize (after a setback) for renewed activity.

We all experience moments in time, or maybe even multiple moments, where we have to Regroup. We have to press the restart button. We have to reorganize, recalibrate, start over and begin again. One of my many moments was an addiction I had to face off with and Regroup from. Kelly Fitzgerald aka The Sober Senorita and I started the podcast for this very reason – to help people know that you CAN start over.

Regroup Podcast is geared to share perspectives about all the times throughout our lives when we have to Regroup. The show aims to have discussions about what it’s like to begin again whether it’s after a rock bottom leading to recovery like we experienced or a life change such as a move, break up, divorce, job change or illness. We will take on conversations about life’s ups and downs in an effort to spread hope & create an outlet for connection that we can all relate to.

Listen to the first 2 episodes that introduce Kelly and I HERE.  The best way to show us love and support us in this endeavor is to PLEASE subscribe and leave us a review on iTunes.

Next up we will be back talking about what it’s like to experience job loss – a relevant topic for both of us, and how to Regroup from that place.

May we always remember: A setback is always a set up for a comeback if you choose to see it that way. You can Regroup and move forward from there, renewed and ready for your next adventure on the journey of life. Join us as we explore all things new.

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