The Worst “Hangover” of my Life came 6 years after I Stopped Drinking.

The Worst “Hangover” of my Life came 6 years after I Stopped Drinking.

Who knew that an emotional hangover could be just as powerful as one induced by alcohol? Read on to learn how I dealt with a huge one.

The lead up

Last Wednesday was, without a doubt, one of the most monumental days of my life.

In those 24 hours, two things I never imagined would ever occur in my life both took place. I appeared on the Ten Percent Happier podcast with Dan Harris on Wednesday morning, and that evening, I was featured on Nightline.

Freaking amazing, right?

I should have been on top of the world Thursday morning. Flying high and just over the moon with excitement.

An incredibly strange thing happened instead. I found myself in the midst of the worst hangover I’ve ever had in my life even though I haven’t drank in over six years. This was worse than anything alcohol ever made me feel.

An emotional hangover

Why wasn’t I grinning from ear to ear and just buoyant from such incredible achievements? WTF was going on here? And how do we get through an emotional hangover so that we can actually enjoy and appreciate those achievements?

I took a minute to look back and analyze just what had happened and understand why I felt so bereft after such a momentous day.

An emotional hangover occurs after going through a particularly stressful day. Our bodies can’t differentiate between good stress and bad stress. And we all know that the good comes with the bad. We look forward to going on vacation but the lead-up—planning, preparing, and packing—often leaves us exhausted before we’ve even hit the road.

That’s exactly what happened here. The appearances were the culmination, the achievement. The high point. Getting there though was incredibly stressful. I have incredible appreciation for the process behind these productions now and how much work goes into producing a seven or eight-minute segment of news.

So, there was the physical stress from just the sheer amount of leg work required to make these things happen but the bigger component at play here was the mental game. The personal vulnerability that, by doing this, I was exposing myself to. What spin would they take with the stories? How would what I was saying be received? What if I end up just making a fool of myself and letting everyone down?

Dealing with hangovers

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