This Naked Mind Is A Game-Changer – Claire’s Naked Life

This Naked Mind Is A Game-Changer – Claire’s Naked Life

When Claire says This Naked Mind is a game-changer, she speaks from experience. 40 years of drinking turned around by simply reading a book. Here’s her story.

This Naked Mind is a game-changer

My Story

I was just the average pub/club drinker in my 20’s – weekends mainly. Working in the city (London) the champagne bars and pubs were part of the culture. I got into scrapes and did things I regretted but wasn’t that part of being young and cool?? Never really drank at home until I moved in with my husband (then boyfriend) and he started working nights.

It then became normal to open a bottle of wine while sitting at home waiting for him. I didn’t go out without him too much as it didn’t feel right whilst he was working. When he was off work we both partied quite hard until our mid 30’s then started a family. We had two boys, he was still working nights, I was resentful feeling like a single parent and I carried on drinking wine.

The Drinking Progression

Twenty years later my drinking had progressed and I was blacking out at night and not remembering going to bed. I hardly drank in the week but hit it hard weekends. In the last couple of years, my drinking changed. Friday mornings were consumed with thoughts on when I could start drinking. Downing a bottle before the family came home and opening the second as if it were my first. I became secretive. Hiding my full new bottles which I had to have stashed for fear of running out. I would open my eyes on Saturday and Sunday mornings with dread wondering if my husband would be talking to me.

My heart would race at not knowing how bad my behaviour had been and how many bruises I would have to hide. I would feel so physically and mentally awful that the only cure would be a hair of the dog. One Sunday I hit that low at 9 a.m. I felt so much shame that I couldn’t even tell my best friend let alone have a frank talk about my problem with my husband. I knew what had to be done but the alcohol was such a big part of my life and somewhere in my head I needed it.

This is a problem

Then slowly things began to suffer. I was being horrible to my husband after a drink, I was making excuses not to see anyone because after a few glasses I couldn’t be bothered, I was ridiculously forgetful which my boys found exasperating, I was full of anxiety and self-hatred and started to wonder what the point of my life was.

This Naked Mind is a game-changer

After having that thought I realised I had to make changes because there was a point to my life. I just needed to quit the booze. I signed up for an online AF course and a lot of the girls on the course were recommending this amazing book – This Naked Mind. It changed my thoughts and relationship with alcohol. I stopped feeling self-loathing and began to understand exactly what was going on in my head and body. It promised I would find freedom and find happiness and I have. As I say to my friends when recommending it – ‘This Naked Mind is a game-changer.’ This is my story and until I found sober communities I have kept it to myself. I now feel pride where I once felt shame.

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In the driver’s seat

I now look at alcohol from a completely different perspective. It doesn’t control me because I understand it. It lied to me – I can see that now thanks to Annie. I began my journey on October 5 with a massive hangover!! Clocking 47 days than I drank over the weekend. I felt the usual disgust and stuff but reasoned that the 47 days had not been a waste and I had learned a lot. I then did 26 days and the same happened. These had been my first ever attempts at giving up so I got back on the horse. It’s not been easy but has been so worth it.

In a better place

I have just had my first sober Christmas and New Year in over 40 years and I have to say it was a lot easier than I ever imagined. My mindset has now changed and although my journey only started four months ago I know I never ever want to go back to my old life. Sometimes I even feel a bit silly at how much time and effort I was giving alcohol and what I was allowing it to do to me.

My biggest hurdle was eating out and at first, I sat in restaurants acting like a baby thinking everyone was having a better time than me and demanding to go home but even that has passed.

Living life with meaning

I now laugh more, sometimes I have moments of actual euphoria. My life has meaning and clarity. I wasted so many years feeling rubbish but now I feel amazing. Sounds very twee I know but having come through the haze and shit I feel like I’m seeing clearly for the first time in years.

So thank you, Annie – you tweaked something in my head that was overdue for tweaking. We must not rely on willpower but facts and that’s what you give us.

You are an inspiration.

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