Track your daily goals with these new features

Track your daily goals with these new features

Our Dofasting users are on fire. Really. Mastering the app and intermittent fasting like never before. But we’ve noticed most beginners (or even pros!) struggle with sticking to their daily routine! We wouldn’t be us if our team wouldn’t think of a solution to solve this case. 

Having a routine is not that bad when we’re talking about fitness & wellness. And now in the DoFasting app, we’ve added more updated features that will help you to easier track your goals! Water intake, step counter, calorie log – all merged up together for you to customize your own challenges.

How does it work?

Once you open the app, you’ll be greeted by more than a timer and a progress tracker – from now on, the app will send you daily reminders of the goals you should achieve. These reminders should help you to warm up to new, healthier habits and make the fasting process easier to get used to. Notice your weight loss results faster and hit achievable goals every day.

  • Mark your hydration level. Drink at least 68oz of water per day. Nothing will stop you from drinking more, of course!
  • Mark your weight. See how much you need to lose and what are your daily achievements.
  • Track your steps. Walk at least 8000 steps per day.

P.S. This is only the beginning of new and major improvements in the DoFasting app – stay tuned, huge new changes coming soon!

Intermittent fasting is easier than ever!


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