Transformation journey with the DoFasting app: Sandra Gasaway

Transformation journey with the DoFasting app: Sandra Gasaway

Well, where do I start? My journey started in January 2020 after I went to a company called Sono Bello to see what offers they had to help me begin my weight loss journey. I was totally disappointed with their services after meeting for my initial consultation.  Feeling exceptionally discouraged, I decided I would have to take matters into my own hands without paying any astronomical fees like how Sono Bello was charging. I was disgusted with my body (primarily my stomach and arms).

In 2018, I got married. My husband and I would have date nights weekly, which consisted of us eating out at different restaurants. Everyone who knows me knows that I LOVE my bread. Whenever we go to restaurants, such as Texas Roadhouse, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, I don’t care about the meal, just give me the bread! Oh, on Thanksgiving, forget about the turkey, just give me my Hawaiian King rolls (with honey butter)! Nonetheless, I knew I had to make some serious changes in my life.

I was a part of the biggest loser challenge and was made the Captain of a team of individuals who were also on the lifestyle journey.  With me weighing 180 pounds during the time, I had to find a way to be able to motivate the other members of my team. I showed IF to them, so it was more of a lifestyle change for all of us.

Since I wasn’t familiar with the different intermittent fasting types, I started off with 12:12 for about a month. After about 2 months, I decided to try 14:10. I noticed some inches lost. However, I still had pounds that I needed to lose. After feeling discouraged, I decided to try the 16:8 approach. I did this for about 4 months, and then I changed to 18:6. I’ve been on 18:6 for almost a year now. I also complete a 24:0 fast at least once a week.

I’ve looked into different apps to see which one would be feasible for me to use. Then I stumbled across the DoFasting app on Facebook. I looked into the app and read the reviews. I was a bit skeptical about paying a “fee” for an app, but now I see it was the best investment made.

As I joined the DoFasting family on Facebook, I had no clue what folks were talking about when they would say 20:4, 16:8, 12:12. The app would help me out, and that’s when I set myself to start IF 16:8, and my times are 12 PM–8 PM (daily). 

I didn’t work out as much until I began using my DoFasting app. I did have a membership to Planet Fitness, but I just couldn’t get myself motivated to go to the gym.  Instead, I utilize the exercises on the DoFasting app 5 days a week. Now I’m an expert, and if it says 12X, then I intensify it and double it. I somewhat lost track of where I am with the DoFasting app because of different upgrades. However, I do make it a point to close ALL of my rings on my Apple Watch. I walk/run for 30 minutes at least 5 days a week. I also jump double Dutch and ride my bike weekly. Since my weight loss journey, I’ve become a certified African workout instructor.

There were plenty of times in the beginning when I was about to give up. I plateaued for about 2 months before I saw any significant changes. I never purchased a weight scale. Instead, I bought measuring tape so that I could see if any inches were lost. The one piece of advice that I wish someone said to me at the beginning of my IF journey was, “This is a difficult climb that is not for the faint of heart! No matter how defeated you feel, do not give up the fight!”

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