Understanding the Phrase “Overcoming Drug Addiction”

Understanding the Phrase “Overcoming Drug Addiction”

Overcoming addiction sounds like a worthwhile goal, but it’s an outdated viewpoint. Addiction isn’t a condition that can be cured or fixed like a broken bone. Instead, it’s a long-term condition that needs care and attention. 

Ups and downs are normal, and each person’s recovery journey is unique. While it’s not easy to go through addiction recovery, your life is worth the effort.

Addiction recovery is different for everyone

Every human creates a unique path through life. Addiction develops as a person grows and changes along the way. Because of this, each timeline and success story is unique. 

For example, age can affect a person’s recovery journey. Addiction for a teen is different from someone who becomes addicted at age 40. 

People with addictions may struggle in similar ways. However, each person has their own story to tell. Personality, physical health, family relationships and ethnicity can all have an impact. And each type of treatment option can take a person down a different path as well. 

Addiction involves more than just physical health issues. Mental and emotional health can mean different things during recovery. For example, a single week of sobriety may be a victory for one person. Another person may feel defeated because they recently relapsed.

It’s so important to consider each person’s needs and goals. Personal attention while at drug treatment can ensure the right approach

Learning to manage your addiction

Chronic conditions like heart disease or diabetes require ongoing care. You may have times when you are better or worse, but your condition isn’t cured. Addiction is similar in many ways. Rather than overcoming drug addiction, you learn to manage it. 

You may have times when things are going well. You may also have setbacks along the way. As your mind and body change over the years, you learn new things about your recovery needs. What you did at the beginning of recovery may not work 20 years later.

It’s misleading to think about addiction as something that you might get over, like a cold or the flu. Instead, it’s something you care for every day. Habits and routines can help you prevent relapse and keep you healthy. 

People with chronic disease struggle sometimes, too. Someone with heart disease may need to make diet changes or try a different medication. Such ups and downs are typical for any chronic condition, including addiction.

Addiction recovery isn’t easy, but it’s worth it

You may not be using substances during your recovery. But that isn’t the same as overcoming addiction. It’s not like flipping a switch on or off. 

Addiction recovery is a lifelong process. Treatment helps you learn how to care for your whole self. It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed by this. Change can be tough, especially when every part of your life is affected.

Staying on track with addiction recovery isn’t easy. But think of the benefits over your lifetime. You won’t be perfect at it, but every effort matters. 

You can celebrate birthdays, special occasions and the little moments each day. Even your down days will feel more manageable. Your support system and the lessons you learned in treatment can give you hope for each day. In the end, it’s worth it.

Managing your addiction with support

The Right Step DFW can help you or your loved one learn how to cope with and manage their addiction. Our recovery specialists are here to answer your questions and provide you with the best treatment options—no matter where you are in your recovery journey. Call us today at 844.675.0964 for more information.

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