What If You Didn’t Just Quit Drinking?

What If You Didn’t Just Quit Drinking?

Have you ever considered how life might be different if you didn’t just quit drinking? What if instead of just being a non-drinker, you could make alcohol a non-issue? Something that didn’t really cross your mind and factor into your decisions? What might life be like if your desire to drink alcohol was no longer there?

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Alcohol Is Everywhere

If you’ve just started Dry January or The Alcohol Experiment the idea of not desiring alcohol ever again can seem ludicrous. How is that even a possibility? Alcohol is ingrained in everything we do. It’s there whenever we turn around – at the grocery store, at the hairdresser, when we’re with friends or alone at home. Alcohol is always there.

Quitting drinking won’t make alcohol stop appearing everywhere but if you stop desiring it, you won’t notice it anymore. It will no longer be a consideration so you’ll skip over it just like you do with so many other things in your life. That is if you go beyond just changing behavior and instead do the work to remove desire.

You are probably running on sheer willpower right now. All your resolve is dedicated to being successful at just getting through and not picking up a drink. That is admirable but not sustainable long term.

Willpower runs out.

It’s true. Your willpower can get spread too thin – if you use all your willpower trying not to yell at your kids, or paying attention in a boring work meeting, you have less of it when 5 p.m. comes and you are trying to drink an Iced Tea instead of wine. The difference between using willpower to get through something and eliminating desire is the difference between mediocrity and mastery.  

Willpower can get you to do something – but not joyfully.

If the only thing that gets you through a break from alcohol is willpower then you won’t ever enjoy the experience. Not only that but you’ll spend the entire time resenting the fact you can’t drink. It’s hard to see the positives in a break from alcohol when you’re miserable the entire time you’re not drinking.

Don’t Just Quit Drinking

To become FREE, we must go beyond the behavior. We have to get out of the ‘willpower game’ altogether.

We must address the feelings. The subconscious desire is what keeps you drinking. To really be free from alcohol you have to stop just changing the behavior and instead focus on the emotion. Anyone can change their behavior but eliminating the desire for something shows your mastery over it.

Mastery Over Alcohol

When we don’t just quit drinking but instead seek to understand why we drink – what our feelings are around alcohol and finding positive feelings in not drinking – we’re able to find mastery over alcohol.

I’ve been lucky enough to find mastery over alcohol and I can’t even begin to describe the freedom that I’ve found in every facet of my life. My career, my personal life, my relationships – alcohol no longer keeps me tethered and I could never imagine going back to a life where a beverage determined whether I wanted to do something or not.

You Don’t Have To Just Quit Drinking

If you’re interested in going beyond just quitting drinking and would like to find freedom from it altogether, join us in The PATH where we work to become fully alive with daily coaching, the PATH community, peer-to-peer calls, and so much more. Learn about it here.

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