Why You Should Do Dry January

Why You Should Do Dry January

Without a doubt I believe that if you’re reading this you should do Dry January. This month long break from alcohol has become a global phenomenon and for excellent reason. Alcohol has become way too big in way too many people’s lives. There are many more reasons everyone should do Dry January though!


More Money In The Bank

At this time, we’re all concerned about our finances. Covid-19 has upended the economy worldwide and we don’t know when it will recover. Alcohol very quickly eats up our income and that’s not limited to spending on the booze itself. There are hidden costs associated with drinking. Poor judgment choices, poor eating choices, lost time at work, increased visits to the doctor, and for some, even chronic health conditions associated with drinking all add up.

The average spend in the U.S. on alcohol per person annually is about 1% of income.

Protect Your Health

Your health is absolutely the number one reason you should do Dry January. Now more than ever. Drinking alcohol lowers the immune system which no one can afford to do right now. Protect yourself and your health by taking a break from alcohol and allowing your body to restore and repair itself.

Sugar, Sugar

Drinking alcohol increases the risk of developing Type II diabetes. The empty calories and sugars in alcohol turn into glucose very quickly. In response, your body releases insulin to take care of it. Releasing more and more insulin raises your risk of developing Type II diabetes. When you do Dry January you’ll be pleased to learn that glucose levels can drop by up to 16% in the first month. Blood sugars stabilize within 24 hours of not drinking, so you’ll feel better almost instantly. By continuing to not drink you also won’t experience the roller coaster ride of rising and falling blood sugars.

Have A Heart

Alcohol increases bad cholesterol levels. This cholesterol builds up in your blood vessels leading to blockages, clots, and other related medical issues. High blood pressure, heart attacks, and even strokes are all possible due to the higher cholesterol levels. Stopping drinking can drop your cholesterol levels by around 5% initially. Eliminate alcohol longer and your levels will drop even further.

You Deserve to Live(r) A Better Life

The organ that sustains the most damage from drinking is the liver. Many actually experience liver pain while drinking. Fatty liver disease is being seen more and more commonly in people who are in their 20s when it used to be considered a middle age disease. A liver that isn’t functioning properly fails to release enzymes that allow you to burn fats. Thirty days off booze gives your liver a chance to repair itself. In fact, you could see a drop in liver fats of 15% during Dry January alone.

92% Happier

Can you believe that we often drink to de-stress when alcohol increases the very feelings that were stressing us out? Alcohol disrupts endorphins, serotonin, and other chemicals that your brain puts out to help you deal with stressful situations naturally. Alcohol increases the cortisol and other negative hormones your brain produces. It can be hard to determine after a while, if you’re drinking because you’re depressed or if the drinking is what is depressing you! A survey from One Year, No Beer revealed that those taking a four-week break from alcohol reported feeling 92% happier.

You Should Do Dry January and The Live Alcohol Experiment

The easiest way to be successful at Dry January is to make sure you’re supported in it. Join The Live Alcohol Experiment to be connected to others like you who are ready to take a break from alcohol and enter 2021 with clarity, peace and a vision where alcohol just isn’t as important anymore! Let’s get started! Join us!

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